Fertility Vacation 3.0 // slowing down and following Mike

My world has been colorful buildings along the river, a blank winters sky, and Mike.

After the embryo transfer everything about me slowed down.  We stayed in more, I felt sleepier. Maybe I had a cold or allergies. Maybe the hormones just knock me out. Maybe the winter finally made me slower.

The last week or so has been slower and full of naps and rain but in between there is beauty. New cities and buildings and art museums. New feels like creation to me. New is allowing me to hold space for hope while I follow Mike Ofeldt around. 


Adventuring // Winter in Scandinavia

Hey Wanderers,

Sometimes you just have to hop on a plane.  Despite whether it might be the "wrong" month or out of peak season.  After the wildness of wedding and production season, I occasionally crave a little bit of hibernation.  Or maybe a small window into winter.  My friend Maryanne (Maryanne Mcguire Photography) and I hopped on a plane and brought a ton of warm clothes so that we could explore Copenhagen and Stockholm in the cold, dark winter. It was so surreal.  We did nothing but walk around the cities, snapping away and sharing smiles about how exciting it was to get out of dodge and see something new.  It seemed to be nighttime more often than not, and the whole trip made me fall in love with cozy clothes.  This girl was born to wear sandals and sun dresses, but on this trip, I discovered a deep love for fleece.  Yup fleece.  Also, coffee took a hold of me in a deep and profound way.  Winter and coffee just go together.  It was my vitamin D replacement. 

We took a ski trip to the mountains up north, went on The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo city tour, and had drinks at an ice bar that was epically cool.  

We recovered from the busy end to 2015, and returned feeling rejuvenated and inspired with a crush on winter and all things Scandinavian.

I so hope you get on a plane soon.



Singing Along With: December Jingles Playlist

While the weather outside here in San Diego may not be so frightful, nothing gets us more spirited for the holidays like a good ol' playlist. Whether we're snuggling up to our loved ones or trying to decorate our festive palm trees, good music is always a must have for the happy holiday season. 
1. Snuggle weather! It's cold, I have a hot chocolate, my blanket, and my honey cakes.
*this song was originally played by John Prine (In Spite of Ourselves.) Cute contemporary mix.
Cake and Eggs - Deer Tick
2. New years eve party with the gal pals!
3. Getting to see family that you haven't seen in years
We are Family - Sister Sledge
4. That time of the year that you and your love reignite flames because, it's the holidays, you know.
Orange Colored Sky - Lady Gaga
5. That period of childhood nostalgia you have during the holidays
Christmas Song - Alvin and the Chipmunks
6. Reflecting on your relationship and making it grow :)
When We Were Young - Lucy Schwartz
7.  Convincing yourself that 3 pieces of cheesecake are totally okay on Christmas day
All about that Bass - Meghan Trainor

Jeff and Haley : A Splendid Mammoth Engagement

"I want your love to consume me like an oversized winter coat. Hands clasped around my waist like buttons done up properly." - Unknown

Trekking through the snowy mountain bases and starring out over the beautiful lakes with this couple made for a wonderful Mammoth adventure.  I am not ready for winter to end but thanks to Jeff and Haley I can hang on to it a bit longer.