For starters…

Let’s meet. Let’s grab a coffee, or a cocktail, or a cozy spot of your choosing. What’s your story?
Who are you as individuals, a dynamic duo, a family? Tell us. Your wedding day is yours. 


The engagement shoot

The engagement shoot is the best and most beautiful way for us to build a relationship. It’s your opportunity to establish comfort in front of the lens. It’s our opportunity to unlock your super powers. So let’s create something spectacular.....

Photographs of you exploring the streets of your favorite city at night?

Images that reflect your obsession with surfing or sushi?

Pictures that portray you being you, loving what you love and each other?

The engagement shoot ranges from one to three hours. Images are provided in color and black and white, both in high and low resolution, approximately three weeks after the shoot.

We offer beautiful albums and fun guest books for your wedding day that are a great way to showcase your engagement shoot.


Getting close

We meet with you four to six weeks in advance of your wedding day to discuss the details. We provide you with a questionnaire to complete prior to our meeting, which will take the guesswork out of planning what memories you want to preserve most. It will also establish our timeline for the day.


Reliving the moments

We provide you with a beautiful USB drive of images in color and black and white, both in high and low resolution, six to eight weeks after your wedding. Images may be delivered by mail or over cocktails to discuss the amazing adventures you experienced on your honeymoon. 


This isn’t goodbye

Our clients are notoriously our friends. We hope you keep us in mind when your wanderings are cause for celebration; we’d love to be there, behind the lens and just because.