4 Things // Creative Muse

Happy Sunday wanderers. I'm listening to this interview with Austin Kleon on Creative Live.  He mentions Elizabeth Gilbert and her idea of genius being more of the Greek concept of the muse.  I love this idea of thoughts visiting you if you give them space in your daily practice.  He also mentions an interview she did with Tom Waits.  Tom would often get great ideas while he was driving. He would look up kind of frustrated and say, "Hey can't you see I'm driving".  I'm looking forward to finding this interview.

Listening :Creative Live

Reading : Just wrapped up Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond FearbyElizabeth Gilbert recently - so good.

Adventuring : Mike and I drove from San Francisco to San Diego along the coast earlier this week.  We took the time to create some beautiful images and try out new techniques along the way.

Dreaming of : Looking to get some good news for my dad at the doctors this week. 


Suzanne, Mike and the Wanderers

Adventuring // Winter in Scandinavia

Hey Wanderers,

Sometimes you just have to hop on a plane.  Despite whether it might be the "wrong" month or out of peak season.  After the wildness of wedding and production season, I occasionally crave a little bit of hibernation.  Or maybe a small window into winter.  My friend Maryanne (Maryanne Mcguire Photography) and I hopped on a plane and brought a ton of warm clothes so that we could explore Copenhagen and Stockholm in the cold, dark winter. It was so surreal.  We did nothing but walk around the cities, snapping away and sharing smiles about how exciting it was to get out of dodge and see something new.  It seemed to be nighttime more often than not, and the whole trip made me fall in love with cozy clothes.  This girl was born to wear sandals and sun dresses, but on this trip, I discovered a deep love for fleece.  Yup fleece.  Also, coffee took a hold of me in a deep and profound way.  Winter and coffee just go together.  It was my vitamin D replacement. 

We took a ski trip to the mountains up north, went on The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo city tour, and had drinks at an ice bar that was epically cool.  

We recovered from the busy end to 2015, and returned feeling rejuvenated and inspired with a crush on winter and all things Scandinavian.

I so hope you get on a plane soon.