Maui Destination Wedding : Taylor and Mike

There is no chance I can explain how fun this weekend was.  Seriously zero.  I knew Mike and Taylor would be the coolest.  From the first time I met Taylor, I knew I wanted to be around her and share in her and Mike's epic day.  These two adventurers were laid back and had awesome priorities.  From the welcome party to the sunset cruise to the wedding day - I had a smile on my face.  Taylor and Mike told me they were really close with their families.  It is one thing to hear that and a whole other thing to witness it.  So much love.  Seriously, all the love.  This blog post could have been twice as long.  It's already way to long, but so much love and beauty happened it's hard not to make the world's longest run on sentence.  It's been hard since my family moved away.  Sometimes you get exactly what you need.  After IVF didn't work out once again, I really needed to fill myself up emotionally.  A week in Maui with Morgan, Laurie's family and all the people surrounding Taylor filled me up with everything I needed.  I felt so grateful.  I'm so incredibly grateful to Laurie from the Creative Clique for being my friend, referring me to these two beauties, and making incredible invites for me to photograph.

I can't even try with words but here is my love letter to Taylor and Mike.