Fertility Vacation 2.0 // Visions

Here I am, taking hormones for IVF 2.0. Preparing my body for a frozen embryo transfer next week wondering what will happen. Will I get pregnant? Will I encounter a moment that my mind and body can’t handle? Will I know how to get unstuck? Will I ever be the Suzanne I recognize again? Betsy described a way to be hopeful to me that I visualized this way:

We were sitting on a bench in Croatia together, far away from our own lives looking at the late afternoon sun filtering through some trees, hitting the light waves of the Adriatic Sea.

My life has a couple of clouds in the sky, but I shouldn’t put those clouds over the sun. They are in the sky and a part of me for now, but soon enough they will have their place on the other side. They aren’t there to block out the light of who I most am.

What a gift to sit on a towel with someone who is a hero to me, fighting for her life, learning to take care of herself and finding out what she wants.