A land and sea engagement session for Laura and Andrew

These two beauties were a lot of fun.  I've spoken to Laura a few times on the phone but it was nice to meet them both in person.  I admired how Laura and Andrew could be both glamorous and free.  Laura had such a clear vision of what she wanted I had a breezy time following her lead.  She had gorgeous outfits picked out and we had chatted about locations and the feeling we were going for.  We started out at Balboa Park one of my personal favorites and then headed over the to beach where Andrew proposed.  The sunset was lovely and the low tide made for some dramatic backgrounds.  It felt very serendipitous all around.

Surfer's engagement session : I heart Morgan and Adam

Oh I love when people want to have fun.  Fun is one of my primary motivations.  Morgan and Adam are entrepreneurs who work hard and live it up in their spare time.  I can so relate.  So I met them at their new place in Del Mar we popped down to the beach and took a few portraits and then went surfing.  The end.  True story.  =)

Jenna : A Torrey Pines Maternity Session

Hello Wanderers,

This is the second shoot with Jenna during her pregnancy. In such a short time, it is crazy to see how much she has grown. I feel as though there is more of a glow about her than in the first shoot.

I find it an honor to be able to capture the happiness and warmth that she portrays during a time that may be one of the most tiring and painful challenges she will choose to face. In these photos, there is no sign of this tiredness. There is no sign of this pain.

In this moment, she is the embodiment of happiness.


Mike and the Wanderers

One Pic : Theresa and Bryan

"Because of you I can feel myself slowly but surely becoming the me I have always dreamed of being." -Tyler Knott GregsonI'm so excited to share Theresa and Bryan's Mission Bay Hyatt wedding. This couple traveled from New York all the way to San Diego for their big day. We were absolutely thrilled when asked to photograph their wedding. They were perfectly captivating. Theresa, Bryan, and their family &  friends made this wedding a very lively and memorable one for us. Best wishes to both of you.