flowers & sweets at Estancia

Everyone loves Sharon and her team at Organic Elements.  Here are a few images from a celebration she hosted recently at Estancia.  It was a dream.  I captured a few images of the decor before the guests arrived.  I floated through the evening catching up with old friends and enjoying the tasty cocktails and amazing dinner.  

Flowers and Event Design -Organic Elements 

Desserts - Sweet Cheeks

Music - Michael Tiernan

Venue - Estancia La Jolla



The $40,900 Question: Sharon Mintz

Sharon Mintz of Organic Elements is always inspiring us with her beautiful work with floral arrangements. We were able to find a little more out about her trip abroad and some colors and ideas she is loving this summer. We love working with sweet vendors like Sharon. Check out her website here for more inspiration.xoxo,


1. Where did you study abroad?

Well, sort of nowhere and sort of Germany. While I was at UCSD, I really wanted to go study in Australia but I didn't think I could take my cat, so I stayed here. Later, while I was waiting for my now husband to finish his Master's degree in Eichstatt, Germany, I decided to go live there for six months. In that time, I studied the floral industry in Europe while taking some German language and ceramic classes.

2. Five things that are inspiring you this summer?

Color, my family, the sun, summer fruit, and our kick ass team.

3. Do you prefer tea or coffee?

Hot chocolate.

4. Something people don't know about you?

I'm a horror movie fiend. No gore, just ghost stories.

5. What is one summer activity that you could do every day?

Snorkel. If we are not visiting family abroad, every vacation I plan is based on snorkeling with turtles and other sea life around the most colorful coral I can find.

6. Beach or mountains?

Beach! Although, the mountains are a close second.

7. What color scheme are you loving lately?

I love the peaches and corals up against blush, but I'm really excited about vibrant colors returning as well.

8. Do you have a preferred season of flowers?

Spring, absolutely spring! I planned my May wedding based on those wonderful flowers being in season.

9.  If you had $40,900 to spend on one trip, where would you go and what would you do?

Well that could take a while, not a problem! Fiji, Bali, Thailand, one big snorkel adventure! Maybe visit some Pacific Islands, why not? And we'd stay in every cabana on the beach I could find. Sleeping on the water makes this Cancer feel right at home.

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