One Pic : Tori

Dear friend,

I'm going to your celebration of life.  I did not imagine this is somewhere I'd go.

I know we haven't seen each other as often since the kiddos but I thought like all our friends with kids we would lose you for awhile and eventually find our way back.  Mike and I have struggled for so long to get pregnant.  I loved how easy it was for you and Austin.  I looked up to you and how you were able to spend so much time with the babes, travel, design, and create a life that you loved with Austin.  These are my dreams for mike and I.  I want them so badly for you.  For Austin. For your sister.  For your mom and dad.  For all of your fun friends.  For Lucca and Golden.

We will remember you.  We will keep your name on our lips.  We will make sure Golden and Lucca know their mom was a visionary, fun, and wildly compassionate.

Thank you for being my friend.  Thank you for sharing your life with us.  I so wished we pestered you a little more and didn't wait patiently for the kids to get a little older.

I'm so glad you took the world by storm.  I'm so glad you shine so bright.

We love you and your family Tori.  You are in our hearts.


5 Somethings // Wanderlust

Most of my brain space over the past couple of weeks has been dedicated to sorting through our images from 2015. I wouldn't have it any other way. What a great way to close out the year and move excitedly into the new adventures ahead. The remainder of my brain has been dreaming about my first trip of the year!

Something Lovely :: My friend Maryanne decided to come with me to Denmark and Sweden this week - yay I can't wait!

Something Captured :: Mike's Birthday Bash - what a blast!

Something Dreamy :: In less than 5 days I will be sipping coffee in Copenhagen. I have so much wanderlust. I can't wait to get on the plane.

Something New :: Over the last few days, we have released our best of 2015 posts. I'm excited to go back in and write a little something over the next week or so. Mike and I are so overjoyed to share our year with all of you. So much gratitude!

Something Challenging :: Fitting it all in. Oh the pre-vacation craziness!



Best of Part 3

It is wonderful to follow people through all of life's adventures - engagements, weddings, babies, anniversaries, special family moments, and the list goes on. We photographed couples we have known for years and others we just met; building life-long friends in the process. We shot weddings with such unique and special themes - a midsummer nights dream, new age, contemporary, vintage, rustic, old world - and all were beautiful in their special way. We ended 2015 with a family road trip to the Grand Canyon and Arizona for one last exhale of 2015. 

Thank you for letting us share in your love and tell your beautiful story. 

Best of 2015 : Part 2

We captured too many smiles to count. We loved having fun play dates at the beach and capturing loving families along with their sweet new additions. One of my favorite wedding designs of 2015 was the lighted wall at the New Children's Museum for Ayisha and Matt's wedding. What a dream. Ashley and Greg had a flower crown station at their wedding along with a stunning, hand-cut paper backdrop for photos. The family and friends of our bride and grooms welcomed us like one of their own.