Nichol : Joshua Tree Portraits

“Our task must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it's beauty.” ― Albert Einstein

A bit from Mike on this session:

My approach to taking these pictures of Nichol was to show her athletic side as well as her beauty.  We began by shooting some simple portraits...But then something else happened. The air cooled, the wind picked up and magic started happening. She was a dancer at one time, so encouraged her to move freely around the desert.  Sometimes a persons beauty, personality, and desires show in a photo. That's what I'm always looking for...especially in portraits. Nichol was able to go there. She had so many looks, such graceful movement, and beauty in her eyes that allowed me to capture so many different looks. It was yet another dream shoot. I feel lucky and grateful.  -Mike

4 Things // Land of Enchantment

This week I am adventuring around New Mexico with Vanessa Luna of Rolling Stone Photography and Mike is back in Indiana helping my mom pack up her old house. What a much needed break of friendship and letting loose. 

Exploring :: New Mexico is the land of enchantment - the homes, the people, the landscape. 

Movement :: Road tripping and dancing on the side of the road near Sky City to Vampire Weekend.

Photographing :: Our escapades on the wide open road with endless sky and sunshine.

Fangirling :: Lila Rose at a few local spots in Albuquerque.