Inside Out {Video Edition} : All About Water

Hey Wanderers,

We thought it would be fun to share some casual, behind-the-scenes video interviews about us, our process, and other important things like our favorite dessert. :) Talking about ourselves, especially in front of a camera is way out of our comfort zone. However, I think as an artist it's important to share your process with others in hopes that something along the way will spark inspiration. Discovering photography for me felt like coming home. I have never felt a better way to express myself and my vision. I hope you find your way, and I hope these little video chats give you exactly what you need; even if it's just a smile. 

Here is a video about incorporating water into our shoots. Water always seems to inspire us. Our shoots are often near it, in it or under it. Thanks for spending time with us as always. 


Suzanne, Mike and the Wanderers

Inside Out :: Photography, A Lifestyle

Dear Wanderers,

When I first picked up a camera, the biggest emotions I felt were relief and gratitude.  Profound gratitude for finally having a way to communicate. This art form would be my voice. I would never lack just the right word and would always be able to wear my heart on my sleeve. I was a struggling artist who finally found her medium at age 17.

The most surprising part of all? This gift could become a career that I was proud of. A career where I could meet couples, their friends, their family and be blessed to witness a most incredible day in their life. Who knew that I would meet so many wonderful collaborators and create a legacy of work with them? And that I would also experience the emotional ups and downs of running a business and becoming a part of this emerging community. Traveling, creating my own schedule, throwing everything I have at Shewanders and passion projects; what a life art has given me.

Now this little spark is growing. It documents my daily life and my family (even sometimes from my silly iphone). I can’t stop sharing images on Facebook, at meetings, to the waitress, etc. Photography is my heart - I am so proud and so in love.

This messy, imperfect life is all mine and I’m floored by how much photography has given me. I’m going to keep capturing every moment, even if things are crazy and my family is annoyed to have their picture taken for the thousandth time. If I don’t have the right outfit or my hair is a mess, it doesn’t matter, because it is while taking pictures that I am most shamelessly, me. Watch out family, here I come. 

Hugs and love,


Everyone loves CAKE

Candy and Sam are one of those couples you fall in love with instantly. Their cake, by Cake Bakery in San Diego, was no different; love at first site. What an honor to capture the process from start to finish, just as we did with Candy and Sam's love story. 

Before I witnessed the whisking and cake decorating in person, I honestly thought there might be a magical wand involved. Candy and Sam's cake was so beautifully hand-crafted and delivered to the Hansen Mansion, to serve as a defining piece of the wedding day decor....and a delight for the sweet tooth.