A photo walk around North Park with the Estrada family

Every time this crew says they are ready for pictures my heart explodes.  I was at a party at Eddie and Lindsay's house a million years ago and Lindsay was gushing over her new girlfriend.  The smile on her face was the real deal.  Then later that night her new girl walked in and ... it turned out to be my friend Justina.  Yup.  It was a moment.  So fun.  And in between this day and north park and that other day in Hillcrest over a decade ago there has been the sweetest most inspiring day and so many other loved ones that have joined their story.  Here are a few gems about how much I love them.

xoxo Suzanne

The whole family at grandma's house : Coronado family portrait

Alexis has a giant heart.  For her family portrait this year we went to grandmas house and Finley played with her cousins.  I photographed Alexis's brothers wedding years ago so I felt pretty warm inside to get to share in Christmas 2017 with baby Finley and the whole gang.  I also want to give a shout out to some rad ensembles.  It's always hard to figure out what to wear and how to be in the same "season" in San Diego and she nailed it. 

Tara and Jason Equestrian engagement

Tara and Jason won me over on a rainy Sunday in San Juan Capistrano.  I loved meeting their family and getting to walk the property where their wedding will take place.  Donna Urban introduced me to Tara, Jason and Tara's mom and we went to scout the ceremony and reception locations.  I loved taking the backroads on Tara's family property and getting to envision what the big day will be like.  I even got to meet Tara's grandfather.  Although it sprinkled and sometimes downright poured we made the best of it and got some beautiful images.  How cute are their dogs!  I couldn't be more excited to meet the rest of the family, see Tara in her wedding dress, and watch how Donna transforms one of the most lush green spaces into something perfect for Jason and Tara.  xoxo Suzanne

waterworld : Sam

My underwater adventures became one of the highlights of my individual projects this year.  I feel as an artist in order to stay relevant you have to continually evolve in your craft.  These underwater adventures have helped me evolve this year.  I enjoyed working with all of the individuals who inspired me to create a series of work that makes me smile.  I have always loved the water and I have always loved photography.  Now I have images that capture two of my greatest loves.  I look forward to new waterworld adventures next summer.xoxo,