The $40,900 Question : Michael Tiernan

We had the chance to interview Michael Tiernan of Still Listening Productions and hear more about the people in his life that keep him inspired, his favorite sounds, and some big news that is coming up for him. His smooth voice matches the artist he is playing remarkably well. Working with talented artists such as Michael always makes us happy.xoxo,


  1. Dream gig? Playing live at Red Rocks in Denver on a perfect Fall evening. That, or headlining the Grammy’s with Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl…. A man can dream, right?
  2. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt? Gigolo, but don’t tell anybody. No seriously, at some point I hope I can be some sort of monk in a desert monastery and write books.
  3. Ideal summer destination? Stand up paddle boarding in Alaska.
  4. What keeps you inspired? I’m a lucky dude, in that I’m surrounded by people who inspire me daily – my kids, my wife, a ton of amazing songwriters and musicians I get to play with regularly, plus all the incredible wedding vendors I get to work with who have created their businesses and found a way to thrive, plus – my brides and grooms – I’m so incredibly blessed to be a part of their day in enter into the energy of what they are doing, surrounded by their closest family and friends – what a great inspiration!!!
  5. Books or TV? Ideally, books. Actually, the manuals of all the cool guitar pedals I have but don’t know how to use properly!!  But after a long wedding, it’s usually TV for a bit, and a very hoppy beer.
  6. What do you do to recharge?  Songwriting is the most satisfying and recharging activity I can do for myself.  It’s a huge release for me.  But on a more daily basis, I love getting out on the water, whether surfing on my own, or paddle boarding with my wife, we frequently play hooky during the day to get out there.
  7. What sound do you love? Hearing big waves crash from a distance during the night when a new swell comes in.
  8. Advice for aspiring musicians who want to break into the music industry? I’d tell them what a friend already in the business  told me when I started – Don’t delay! Just start doing what you love, writing and performing, and the road will open up. Don’t worry about all the details, just set your intention and be true to your calling as an artist.
  9. Do you have any exciting news coming up that you would like to share?  YES!  After 18 months of working on my new album, it’s ready to be released!  August 17th, a really amazing sunset concert at one of my favorite wedding venues – The Crossings at Carlsbad.  You guys are all invited (if you’re not working a wedding that is!!!).  It’s going to be a super fun party, all ages, communal, w/ great food and drinks – I’m so stoked to finally get this out there!
  10. If you had $40,900 to spend on one trip, where would you go and what would you do? I would take 4 months off and bring my family to Italy, probably rent a nice hillside Villa in Umbria, travel all over the country, and get my Italian chops back into working order.