Happy Valentines Lovers

We've been working on some amazing things, and I want to share them with you. 

Sometimes, in the super busy of life, I can forget that it's ok to feel really good. To stop the shoulds and focus on what is beautiful in that moment. 

We have been curating a gallery of images that are meant to slow things down and to add beauty to your every day. We will be launching a shop soon and we are stoked about it.

I hope you feel really good this Valentine's Day and do something that adds beauty to your day. Here are a few dreams that are coloring our minds lately.

You Are Allowed.jpg

4 Things // Mentoring & Relaxing

Mentoring : I spoke at a photography class at City College this week. I took some photo classes at City when I was younger and it was so fun to give back and mentor the students. I so remember sitting in those chairs wondering if I'd get to be a photographer for my whole life or if life would get in the way. I don't love public speaking but I had to say yes for my younger self. - Suzanne

Photographing : Jen and Vlad's maternity shoot. It's physically such an unusual time in a woman's life and I love capturing the essence of this blip in her journey. - Mike

Valentine's Day : There is something so beautiful about the art of relaxing. Sometimes dinner in bed is the best while watching Walking Dead and Bob's Burgers. - Mike

Dreaming of : Seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland with Vanessa. I can't wait to see Reykjavik in the winter and hopefully catch the Northern Lights. This is a big one for me. I wonder what the reality will be verses the dream inside me. - Suzanne


Suzanne, Mike and the Wanderers


5 Somethings // LOVE & SUNSHINE

Something Lovely ::  Today we all took Gaidin to the park and shared a box of sees candy and El Zarape burritos.  It was me, mike, Molly the poodle, my mom, Bear, Andrea, Gaidin and my dad, who's doing much better.  It was one of those perfect Sundays.

Something Dreamy :: The weather is wild.  Is it already time to put our winter sweaters away? I'm doing a little spring cleaning.  The urge doesn't hit me too often but I've been enjoying clearing some space in my life. It reminds me of the quote "make some room for the unimaginable".

Something Captured :: I had the joy of photographing the Melton's this weekend. I love Lauren and Jeff and it's been such a treat to watch their family grow. I'm so happy for all of the love in their lives.  Jacob and William are full of spunk and so much fun to be around.

Something New :: I've started to create some fine art prints on our incredible archival Canon printer.  This week I started with some valentines for my family and I'm so excited to really dig in and create some tangible art.

Something challenging :: Did valentines come early this year? Ouch I still have a few cards to send out!


Suzanne, Mike and the Wanderers