Montauk Yacht Club for Stephanie and Ryan

You never have to ask me twice to go to New York.  I jump at any opportunity but this was extra special.  I love when past clients recommend us and I was especially honored when Ashley recommended us to her cousin Stephanie.  I love the Anton's and was so stoked to get to photograph this wedding.  Stephanie and Ryan were so laid back and cool from the get go.  I knew we were a great fit.  We hung out while they were visiting family in San Diego and went over all the details which were mostly how awesome, in love, relaxed they are and that Ryan is a heck of a fisherman.  It was a breezy year and then finally I was in Montauk at the rehearsal dinner and it was a flurry of hugs.  Lauren - Stephanie's amazing friend gave me the low down of who everyone was and then gave the world's best speech.  I love you Lauren.  I also wanted to share one of my instagram posts right after the wedding.  It's impossible to explain how wonderful being a part of Stephanie and Ryans weekend was but I gave it a shot in my usual round a bout way.  

Behind those eyes is a firecracker. 
It's easy to fall in love with photography. 
It's harder to run a business. 
I know so many people who fall in love with the craft of photography and the beauty of weddings. 
But what happens next?
How do you find clients?
How do you find the right clients?
These are questions every photographer must find an answer too.
Some how for the last 15 years we have managed to find the right clients. 
We've tried dozens of ways and had our share of successes and failures. 
I imagine most of our success comes down to loving our clients and being wildly grateful for them.
If you love someone it's so easy to see their inner beauty. It's so simple to have compassion for them and anticipate what they might need during the day. If you love someone you cheer them on and wish them every happiness. If you love someone you are on their team and feel grateful to be a part of it all. 
I loved getting to travel into Stephanie's life. I love how open she was and how loving her friends and family are. You might look at this image and think what a beautiful woman. But I look at it and think -She is so loved and cherished. She means the world to everyone in the reception and some that couldn't be there. I know what it's like to love someone and I could feel everyone pouring their love in Stephanie. She is so worthy of it. 
That's the story I was trying to tell. If you were there you would have laughed and cried and been a little in awe of this firecracker . You wouldn't have just seen a beautiful woman you would have seen so much more behind those eyes. 
I'm so grateful to her cousin Ashley for referring me and letting me get to know her family more. 
I'm always so aware that not everyone has a career that is so full of moments that break their hearts open and allow them to live an artist life.
I look at this image and all I see is love. #stephanieisababe