5 Somethings // Muse

I am feeling so relieved to be out of the numbers world and back into creativity. I hope you are able to squeeze in time for the things you love amidst a busy week. 

Something Lovely :: Kenzie and Colin were featured on Green Wedding Shoes this week.  It's so gratifying to put something out in to the world that I enjoyed so much.  Getting to know Kenzie and Colin was so much fun.  Their beauty and exuberance for a dance floor was thrilling to be a part of.  They inspired the heck out of their vendors and the end result was epic.

Something Dreamy :: After two weeks of being so numbers driven I want a break so badly.  I'm inspired by everything right now and creatively, I am brimming over with excitement. I want to hop on a plane, train or pack myself into an old Volkswagen van and go up the coast.  I want to be free.

Something Captured :: The highlight of my week was being able to get my camera out.  I met Chelsea and Alex downtown and we had a creative explosion.  These two are so at ease and comfortable just hanging out with each other.  I felt like I had so much time to compose, look around and really push myself.  Then, I drove up to Lake Cuyamaca with Tammi and Walter for their engagement session.  We had scheduled the shoot in February and thought we might have a good shot at snow.  Who knew it would be a tank top and jeans kind of day instead?  A perfect breeze soft and light on the lake; it was heaven. Walter and Tammi had a mini adventure complete with fancy champagne and a cheese board from Venissimo. They even thought to bring a portable speaker and some tunes as if our day wasn't blissful enough.  Both of these couples were so different but had some really strong similarities.  I'd say they were all beautiful inside and out and crazy happy to be together.  Sometimes I think we must be doing something really right to have the opportunity to meet the coolest people and get to tell their stories.  These hours that we spend shooting are such a gift; to be in the zone and have everything flow is a dream.  Artists through history have always spoken about the muse.  Chelsea and Alex and Tammi and Walter could not have been better muses.  I'm so grateful to get to share in a piece of their love story.

Something New :: Lately I'm inspired by fashion.  The last few months I've been binge watching Project Runway and loving the way each designer interprets the challenges.  Some of my day dreams are creating new sun dresses for myself.  I wonder if I will ever carve out time for some designing. 

Something Challenging :: I've been working on creating some posters to keep track of goals and accomplishments.  Mike and I made a date night poster.  We wanted something visual to remind us of our weekly outings.  We really want to remember our mini adventures when life gets busy.


Suzanne and the Wanderers