Everything is busy but everything is so good. I feel energized by the people who are constantly in my life and those who I get to see only once in a special while. Slow down life, you're moving too fast.

Dreaming of: Is it strange that I'm already dreaming of Christmas. I don't want the summer to end and I definitely don't want daylight savings to start, so my mind immediately looks for a silver lining...Christmas. My first Christmas with everyone in San Diego. Mike will make me gingerbread cookies in the shape of donuts and I will attempt to decorate. Take that daylight savings.

Photographing: I had an art date with Kate and Audra. Lately I am drawn to shooting indoors. I have visions of light streaming in through the windows. It's moodier than I'm used to. It feels good. Today we will shoot Sarah and Tim's wedding at Casa Romantica with Donna Urban.

Reading: This week is the week that I went to book club without having even downloaded the book. Whoops. Too much pool time with Gaiden I guess.

Creating: I have been water coloring a lot this week. The house is messy and I am happy. Sometimes life just stops for me. And I paint. And nothing else hits my radar except the beauty of moving colors around and trying to coax my vision onto paper.

xoxo, Suzanne