Shewanders I love you

Hello December,Besides eating gingerbread cookies, planning parties, and watching Elf,  this December means a lot to me.  Shewanders made it 10 years.  I have worked full time as an artist for 10 years.  Do you know how many wonderful people you have to meet along the way to stay in business for 10 years?  Holy cow have I been fortunate!

10 years ago I met Kaleb Scott at the Zoro Gardens in Balboa Park.  He was a groomsmen at Victor and Scott's Balboa Park wedding.

He told me I would be crazy not to introduce myself to Kimberly and Jenn from CAKE.  They had a booth at a bridal show for gay couples.  I of course took a deep breath and introduced myself.  Kimberly said she adored Kaleb and we became fast friends.

I've met so many cool people over the years.



Sometimes people reached out to me.  Jenny came and introduced herself to me at my studio one day.  Like Eric says: it takes 2 minutes to fall in love with Jenny.

Sometimes I reached out to them.  I blog stalked Courtney on the internet and then emailed her to see if she would be my friend.

Sometimes you don't even remember how it started but you are happy it did.  I don't even remember meeting Sharon, we have just always known each other somehow.

I feel really grateful to have met so many inspiring people over the years.  As a photographer I stand on all of your shoulders.  I'd have nothing to photograph without friends.

So not only is December our 10 year landmark, but on December 7th 5 years ago I opened a door and was met with a pair of handsome blue eyes.  Mike Ofeldt's handsome blue eyes.

I have to confess when I first started my business I was mesmorized by the beauty of the moment but I didn't really know why so many people were getting married.  I didn't know how to hope or dream big enough to want to marry someone.  I couldn't believe that there were so many people who were willing to take such a big risk with their heart.

Being in this industry has melted my heart like the Grinch who Stole Christmas. You could say it grew 5 sizes.  I always had a lot of love for friends and all the people in the world but what I was missing was hope.  Year after year I photographed weddings for some of the best people anyone could ever meet.  Year after year I watched their families grow.  Some of my couples already have 3 kids.  Some of my couples have kids that are already 8 years old.  Watching their strength and love over the years gave me hope.   Hope enough to fall head over heels in love with Mike and fight for us year after year and dream big enough to want to be his wife.

So this travelling photographer is blogging today a 10 year business landmark and a 5 year love landmark.  Who would have ever thought.

Thanks to my amazing clients, super talented colleagues, and Mike Ofeldt for getting me this far.  I'm speechless.

On top of everything else, Jenny from Luxe created this magical day for us.  Sharon from Organic Elements crafted sweet bright happy flowers.  Courtney from Brightly Designed made paper amazingness with peace, joy, and airplanes.  Kimberly and Jenn from CAKE made the most perfect cake.  Audra from Audra Rene Studio fancied me up with hair and make up, it was so exciting!  Kaleb took the most beautiful pictures that make me hold my breath when I look at them.  As if we weren't lucky enough.  Our friends Scott and Jenny created an amazing engagement video. It was a long time dream of mine to have a cupcake fight with Mike.  This whole event was more than my wildest dreams.  Hanna, Zander, Kristen and Eric joined our epic battle. See more on Style Me Pretty today.

I'm humbled.  Thanks friends.  Thanks clients.  Thanks Mike.  Thanks for loving me on this journey of a lifetime.  Here's to you.

Love, Suzanne

Photography: Kaleb Scott of Shewanders Photography / Event Planning: Jennifer Minns of Luxe Events / Floral Design: Sharon Mintz of Organic Elements / Cinematography: Scott Hoops of Quixotic Pictures / Cake: CAKE / Paper Goods: Courtney Scowby of Brightly Designed / Styling: Audra René of Audra René Studio

[vimeo 49884904 w=950 h=534]