Engagement : Jodi and Stephen

Was it love at first sight or shall I say love at first "online" site? Jodi and Stephen met online dating. Jodi knew the minute she saw Stephen's profile that they would fall in love. They had both tried online dating for years without much success until they found each other. Jodi describes her husband as kind and gentle and fiercely intelligent-- which she finds sexy. He regularly tells her and shows her how much he loves her through his words and actions(take notes boys). Not only does Stephen have a wicked sense of humor but he loves his job analyzing DNA and on his free time, he loves playing video games. It only makes sense that Jodi was able to find someone just as well rounded as herself. Jodi, luxurious yet practical is a high-powered business woman. The quick-witted beauty who loves to travel, eat at gourmet restaurants and read, found her someone special, to laugh about anything and everything in Stephen. In fact they even surprised their friends and family with an improv comedy troupe at their wedding. There wedding was filled with jokes and quotes from tv shows and movies. Suzanne was ecstatic to find out that they had in common a favorite tv show,"The Big Bang Theory" and a favorite musical "Avenue Q"! So for those feeling discouraged about the dating world, Jodi and Stephan are a testament to the fact that you can fall in love at first "online" site!