rooftop pics by Intern : Jessica

Hello all!!  Hope your having a wonderful Monday.  Here are a few photos I took while on the St. James rooftop downtown... we had so much fun getting all dolled up and photographing each other!  I am blessed to have met so many beautiful people through SheWanders and look forward to continuing a close relationship with all of them.  One of the many things I learned while interning with SheWanders:  being a photographer is HARD WORK!  You've got to make sure the light looks good, the pose looks natural, the eyes are open, the shirt's tucked in, that you can see the background, that the composition is alright.  Another something I learned ( maybe re-learned!) at SheWanders:  you can do ANYTHING you really want to do, if you work REALLY hard.  Mike and Suzanne gave me plenty of tough tasks to tackle, and even when I doubted myself, they never doubted me.  Seeing their work ethic, professionalism and passion motivates me to find my own unique goals, and work REALLY HARD to achieve them!  xoxo.. Jessica of the Wanderers