Rooftops by Intern : Katie

I often share my voice and thoughts on the SheWanders blog, but today I am excited to share the photos I have taken of the "Wanderers" day of glamour and learning. The "Wanderers" also known as the interns at SheWanders were gathered together to play dress up and take photos. It all started with a day of beauty as the wonderful Audra René of Audra René Studio did our hair and makeup with her friend Elena . I felt like it was prom all over again! Not only did I get to put on a cute little cocktail dress and heels, but I also learned how to pose for the camera-- let's talk about a movie star moment! Even crazier is that i learned that each person has a feminine and masculine side to their face. If you think I'm crazy, go to the bathroom right now, stand in front of the mirror and cover one side of your face with a piece of paper. After a few seconds cover the other side of your face. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!! In fact it is true that everyone has a better side (your feminine side). So wild!I won't lie I do love being in front of the camera but due to my lack of height I think it is much safer to say that I belong behind the camera. It was great to work with Suzanne and Mike and learn their tricks of the trade. They sure know what they are doing! I am so glad that I was able to partake in this wonderful day of beauty and photography. It makes me realize how fortunate I am to have found a passion of mine that I can call my job!

dos besos, Katie from the Wanderers