F is for Fabulous

Today is a great day. The always amazing Courtney of Brightly Designed fame has designed our new LOGO.  I'm so excited, it melts my heart.  I can't tell you how easy the process was.  All of a sudden this logo was born, sweet and perfect.  It caught me off guard with it's quirky charm.  I think that it will attract the sweet amazing brides and ward off everyone else.You will probably notice that our blog will flip flop between the new and old logo since we have created certain blog posts in advance.  Ah ha, now you know our tricks.  We prepare many blog posts in advance so that our readers will still have some images to look at when we are in production mode.  It will take us a few weeks to change our logo everywhere but I had to share it today!

Well here is our first post with our new logo!

F is for fabulous.  I had an inquiry today for two brides who are having a stylish urban wedding in North Park.  I started pulling some portfolio images of same sex weddings and came across these gems.  I love scrolling through the archives and reliving dozens of weddings all at once.  I feel flooded with excitement and maybe a little bit of nostalgia too.

Happy Tuesday,

xoxo Suzanne