i miss REVO

A couple of days ago I had an interview with a couple that was referred to me by Jen and John.  Natalie is a real cool girl who started up her own non profit with friends.  She made a comment about how people can surprise you with their goodness.  It happened to come up while we were chatting that Jen and John were my REVO couple.  My heart has been breaking a little lately over sweet REVO reminders.  I miss my friend.  I miss all of us banning together to fight with hope.  There have been so many little reminders lately - really good things.  But I guess everything at once just left me a little sad and grateful for all those that I have in my life.I ran in to Jeff ant Betsy McCue at a party on Monday I didn't recognize them in person (dressed as polaroids) but knew instantly that they were REVO friends  when they introduced themselves.

I went to our people we love page last week and realized I still had Metro Floral on it.  I still love Metro Floral so I guess it will be awhile before I take it down.

Peggi's daughter Vanessa recently had a big birthday party.  I couldn't make it, but she has been on my mind for weeks since I first saw the invite.

I ran into Kate Capshaw two weeks ago in the middle of an engagement session.  I was shooting so I only got to give her a big hugs.

Last week I had the chance to have a leisurely lunch with my dear friend Sabrina.  Often during the feverish last weeks of the auction Sabrina would be the last person I would email before I went to bed, and I would have more emails from her when I woke up.  I had never even met Sabrina before she volunteered to help create REVO for Peggi.  Then we were the four muskateers with Megan and Kate.

Ha I just got interrupted by Mike.  Outside our window is bright sun, lots of rain, and a double rainbow while Guns and Roses plays Sweet Child of Mine.

So  I guess I just want to say that I miss and love you all.  I'm so grateful to be one of you and I hope that I have the chance to see you often in my life.

I'll definitely post the whole wedding one day soon but here are some of the outtakes of Jen and John's awesome day.   Happy Friday, xoxo Suzanne

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