September Style : Palka

Good morning,  So let's all put on our imagination hats and pretend I posted this yesterday like I was suppose to for What do you Think about Wednesdays lol.  Palka just sent this to me and even though we are in October now I couldn't resist sharing her story.  Not everyone flies half way around the world to find the perfect dress.  Palka and Hrishi had a beautiful fall wedding spanning several days at the Rancho Bernardo Inn.  I can't decide which gown I like best, they are both so dreamy.Happy Wednesday,

xoxo suzanne 

How I found my dress...hmmm.  Well we had gone to India to do the shopping for the weddings (two - one in SD and one in Bombay)  and I had to have new and different outfits for each and every event (9 outfits...ugh).  Was extremely painful shopping for so many outfits.  But we went to this boutique in the back of a lady's house that someone had recommended to us in a city called Ahmedabad.  She had beautiful outfits that used vintage lace from old Indian saris that she would find in old villages all around the country and re-made outfits for different occasions. A bit of modern and vintage together.  I just fell in love with her style.  But she didnt have any "wedding dresses" so we just created one together!  I found a top that I loved (and were the right colors for an Indian bride - white and red).  And then we created the skirt and the wrap with materials and some vintage borders and a few weeks later I had my dress!

xoxo Palka