September Style : Christine

Ok Ok, it is still October.  But I have Christine's dress story for you all today!  Matt and Christine had a summer wedding in Coronado.  It was a blast.  I can't wait to post the whole wedding. Here's how she found the one.Happy Sunday, Suzanne

Having a 7 month engagement I had pretty limited time to find a dress to start with so I started in La Jolla with some girlfriends and found one I liked but wasn't crazy about. Then I headed to another store, fell in love with a dress and bought it on the spot! But the next day I instantly had dress remorse. Well turns out that the shop went out of business and my dress wouldn't be made anyways. We had to go through a lot to get back the deposit and then of course I had to start all over!

That's when, per Suzanne's recommendation, I went to see Courtney at The White Flower. Best experience EVER! Courtney was amazing and her gowns were beautiful. So much that I was completely torn between 2 of them. What to do, what to do?! SO I took a few days then went back with friends in tow and as soon as I put on the dress I got I knew it was it. Just like when I met Matt :) So it is corny and cliche but it's true that you just know, exactly like your man!

Courtney had fab ideas and we did some custom work on the dress along with her miracle worker of a seamstress and viola! I love that dress so much that I now regret that she is preserved and boxed up, if I could, I would watch tv in her!!