September Style : Saira

Saira and Brian had a fall wedding in Vancouver.  I have known Brian since the fifth grade and I am so happy that my friend married such a cool girl.  It was just like in the wedding speech, you are not losing a son but gaining a daughter.  That kind of excitement is what I felt about Saira offiicially joining the crew.   Their wedding lasted three days and was full of awesome.  Here are some of the gowns that Saira, I thought that she looked like magic.  

I didn’t want anything fuu-fuu or over-the-top and definitely no sparkles.   One Saturday afternoon I went to Frontier Bridal in Vancouver, Canada with my mom, aunt, sister and cousins. When I first walked in, I was instantly overwhelmed.  You see I needed 3 bridal dresses for the 3 wedding events - engagement, wedding, and reception! There were too many choices. I didn’t even know where to start nor what I really wanted. Deep breath. Let’s start with the big one… the wedding dress. The owner told me not to worry, he would show me different styles in different colours and said that I should try on different dresses just to see how they fit. He pulled out what seemed like a 100 dresses.  Honestly, they all looked kind of the same. I thought I was doomed and started getting a sick feeling in my stomach. This was going to be a long process. Until, one particular dress caught my eye. I don’t know what it was that exactly caught my eye, maybe it was the way the light was hitting it? Or maybe it was that everyone went silent when he pulled it out. As you can imagine with mom, aunt, sister and 2 cousins, there was a lot of chatter…a lot. It was the first dress I tried on. It fit like it was made for me. It didn’t even need a single alteration. I didn’t want to take it off. I knew this was my dress and I didn't need to try on anymore. And yes, it was super sparkly.xoxo Saira