great outfits ahead...

Every morning I ask myself, through a haze of sleepiness, what am I going to wear?  It's my daily conundrum.  One day I will become Super Suzanne and choose my clothes the night before when I am awake and capable of making fun, creative, and hopefully functional decisions.If I lived somewhere other than San Diego I could say I was waiting to see what the weather is going to be like, but I think we can all pretty much guess that answer.  In fact, I have a weather app on my iphone that has a picture of a sun and says 73°.  For weeks I didn't realize that you had to click on the app for it to update, since every day was around 73° and sunny.

Anyway, back to getting dressed.  Kyleen gets emails all the time asking what are great engagement shoot wardrobe ideas.  Katie and I pulled some examples for you.

I adore dresses, heels, bright colors, clothes that make you look good.  An engagement shoot is the perfect excuse to get a new sassy dress and be a little bit fancy or commit to your favorite pair of flip flops and plant your feet firmly in the sand socal style.

Whatever your wardrobe is good hair and make up never go out of style.  Why not use your engagement session for your hair and make up trial?  A few links to consider Audra Rene,

Ray Thomas, Lovestruck, Lisa Marie.

Dress well my friends,

xoxo suzanne