I met Morgan and Whitney through Regan before they were even married. Since then they have had two beautiful baby girls. What luck for Emma and Annie, I always wanted a sister growing up.I have two brothers, Chris and Bear, who taught me how to defend myself, never give up, and keep my word. Mostly because boys like to fight, my brother was always three years older than me no matter how badly I wanted to beat him in swimming races, and Hansen's have loooong memories. In other words don't say anything unless you will still mean it for at least five years.So I imagine Emma and Annie will learn different lessons along the way. I never had to share my shoes, share the spotlight in my dance classes, or compete for a boys affection. All of these were very good things because I was a terrible dancer. You can follow Emma and Annie's exploits on The Little Hen House.

I thought It would be really fun to see how another blogger would curate a post. So I asked Morgan to pick her favorites from her family shoot and I would pick mine.  I'm a big fan of collaborating so I was stoked when Morgan agreed to play with me.

Happy Friday, xoxo Suzanne

Here are my favorite images.