uncle bob

I am completely in love with this article on OffBeat Bride.  Weddings are wonderful crazy swirly amazing celebrations full of joy and beauty.  These are all inspiring reasons to take pictures!  I should know many amazing couple have hired us to photograph their weddings over the years.  One odd side effect of weddings is sometimes guests are falling over themselves to capture every second as it happens.  What I love about this article is the idea of experiencing vs recording.  Every wedding is different and I hope this gives you some food for thought.  xoxo s

Here is the start of the article.... So there you are at the altar, gazing into the eyes of your beloved, saying your vows. You turn to sneak a glance at your wedding guests, all your favorite beloved friends and family... and are greeted by a sea of down-turned faces staring at their LCD screens. Read More at Offbeat Bride