7 Wonders for Wandering Brides: Featuring Alyssa McNees from Exquisite Weddings Magazine

Brides-to-Be, Exquisite Weddings Magazine should be on your radar. They are a magazine with abundant talents that can help make your wedding an exquisite experience! Alyssa is the creative director of Exquisite Weddings and has been with the magazine since it's inception. Suzanne really admires Alyssa for her dedication and believes that Alyssa has created a beautiful local magazine-- a great resource for San Diego brides. In the eyes of Suzanne,  Alyssa can do it all! While managing the magazine, Alyssa has maintained a balanced life, while also getting married and having a baby within the past few years! Meet Alyssa and see what she is up to!Dos Besos, Katie from the Wanderers

alyssa mcnees with baby, San Diego Wedding Photography, SheWanders Wedding Photography

alyssa Mcnees with husband and child, San Diego Wedding Photography, SheWanders Wedding Photography 1)   What should brides/grooms/curious seekers know about you?

-I love weddings and do not get tired of them, I look at blogs and other magazines to keep an eye on the trends. I love to see people use new ideas and see trends change.

2)   Why do you love what you are doing?

-I love photo shoots, I love designing, I love looking for ideas! I also love working with all the great wedding vendors and photographers in San Diego and being completely inspired by what creativity and ideas they have. I could not imagine doing anything else.

3)   What makes your business wonderful and stand out from the rest?

-I think our magazine stands out because it is elegant, clean and simple. Since I came from the magazine business I research all sorts of other publications before I started creating ours. I used what I thought was the best from each and it continues to evolve and change. I still love the first one I did but I think each one gets better and better.

4)   Where do you find your inspiration?

-I find my inspiration from everywhere...other magazine’s, blogs, art, signs, fashion, people, websites and most of all my daughter and my husband!

5)   What does the world need right now?

-Time-off to spend with friends and family. I think it would make for happier people.

6)   What advice do you have for brides to be?

-Hire a planner even if it is just for the day of the wedding, they can make your day a lot more relaxing so you can focus on what you are there to do..look amazing and marry the love of your life.

7)   If you could go to one of the 7 wonders of the world, where would you go and why?

-The Colosseum in Rome—I just always have wanted to travel to Rome.  Or Machu Picchu, it seems so spiritual and remote.