I am so lucky to have met Katie Gordon through SheWanders Photography.  Not only does she have vibrant energy and a stunning smile, but a true talent for taking pictures. She's been working on some awesome blog posts lately. I asked Katie a couple of questions the other day so our readers could get to know her a little better.... xoxo Jessicakatie gordon, katie gordon photography, shewanders photographers, san diego wedding blogs

J: Tell me about your dream job.

K: I would love to be a fashion photographer. I love art and believe that fashion is a form of art people can wear!

J:What's the last CD you purchased?

K: haha this is a little bit embarrassing but Femme Fatale by Brittany Spears.

J: If you could be anywhere in the world at this point in time, where would you be?

K:  This is a tough one. I love to travel and there are about a million places I'd love to be right now. Yesterday I went to el camino for taco tuesday and it made me realize I would love to be lying on the beach sipping coconut water from a real coconut is sayuita, Mexico.

J: What are you most grateful for?

K: My family and friends and the opportunities I have been blessed with.

J: If you could have a super power, what would it be?

K: To make people happy. Everybody deserves to be happy.

J: Where did your fascination with photography stem from?

K:  My black and white film class. There was something magical about placing a blank piece of paper into the chemicals and watching your image appear.

J: What's one of your favorite spots in San Diego?

K: Again, a tough question. I love to Explore and find great New restaurants as well as places to hike or beach it up. After working at shewanders photography studio located in mission hills, my new found love has become mission hills because there are a bunch of great restaurants as well as bars!