And another hectic week of work begins!  We understand that sometimes Mondays aren't the most fun, so we've decided to create a post at the beginning of every week to help keep you motivated and merry.This week we stumbled upon a website called Dear Photograph, where they ask you to "take a picture of a picture in the present."  So neat.  We'd love to see what you could come up with!  xoxo... Jessica from the Wanderers

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Dear Photograph,                                                                                             Dear Photograph,

Grandma loved this beach. - Dan Perry                                                      I looked good in a tux.  -@TJ

Shewanders photography, san diego weddings, san diego photography, dear photograph

Dear Photograph,                                                                                              Dear Photograph,

Dad never took a picture of me, ever.                                                            That's how you grow a beard.

Then I noticed his reflection in the glass.                                                     -Aleksandraniepsuj

Happy Fathers Day, Dad.  -Anonymous

I'm also going to attach a link to a new or old song I've been listening to lately.  This week, naturally: The Mama's and the Papa's "Monday Monday"