Pretty Custom Linens : Concept Event Design

Conceptualize this! A full-service design company, specializing in custom linens, lighting, and decor that will transform your desires into realities! Here is an interview about husband and wife, Federico and Haydee, and Concepts Event Designs. Here’s your chance to get to know them a little Better =)

How long have you been working in event design?
We have been designing events for the past seven years.
How would you describe your design aesthetic?
Poised and elegant. However, we make sure to incorporate elements to suit
the style of the client to make the design unique and individualized.
What is the most interesting aspect of what you do?
The events that we have had an opportunity to work on have been through a
wide and varied scope. We enjoy seeing how different each event ends up.
What is something you would love to accomplish?
Ultimately, Concepts Event Design is a family owned, operated and inspired.
We would love to see and the passions of event design the Concepts legacy
continue on for generations.
What inspires you?
Our family inspires us on a constant and daily basis.
Is there one key element that you would suggest to jazz up a space?
Lighting is one key element that can be easily overlooked. It has the ability to
contribute different dimensions of design.
This or That:
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Summer or Winter?
Hug or high five?
Beach or mountains?
Dogs or cats?
Cowboy hat or sombrero?
Cowboy Hat
Text or phone call?
Phone call
Comedy or Drama?
Saved By The Bell or The Wonder Years?
Saved By the Bell
Vanilla Ice or MC Hammer?
MC Hammer
4th of July or Christmas?
New York or San Francisco?
New York
Metallica or Sinatra?
Lucky Charms or Frosted Flakes?
Frosted Flakes
Coffee or energy drink?