Kyleen and Jim go "Down Under" for a shoot with Suzanne

How lucky, lucky were Kyleen and Jim to be taking their honeymoon while Suzanne and Mike were also in Australia!!!!!It was one of Suzanne's dreams to do a shoot in one of her favorite cities ever!!!!! What fun for all!!!!!!Check out this ultra cool city with this super fun newlywed couple!!!!XOXO Jenkyjimttkyjimtt-5481kyjimtt-5446kyjimtt-5408kyjimtt-5395kyjimtt-5357kyjimtt-5352kyjimtt-5335kyjimtt-3kyjimtt-2kyjimtt-4kyjimtt-5563kyjimtt-5644kyjimtt-5685kyjimtt-5703kyjimtt-5753