The Santa Monica Pier Engagement : Brandon and Lindsey

Lindsey and Brandon feel like rainbows and ferris wheels to me.  All color and painterly.  When I think of Lindsey I remember her laughing in a bridesmaids dress in Jenna's getting ready room, helping me with a family problem, and this gorgeous engaged girl at an Exquisite Weddings party.  It's wonderful to get to know her and Brandon better.  I love knowing that I get to have a back stage pass to her wedding day and hold up a mirror that says You guys are magic.  I can't wait.

Balboa Park Engagement for Drew and Johanna

I love these images!  These pictures happened while I was in the Hampton's photographing a wedding.  My awesome partner in crime Mike Ofeldt pinch hit for me and photographed my clients engagement when they were visiting San Diego from Chicago.  I was so happy we could make it work for Drew and Johanna.  Although I do have to admit I was crazy jealous not to be the one to capture these love birds.  As always, I'm a little jealous of Mike.  I just love his point of view and even though there was a ton of Friday traffic and the shoot was a little shorter I think these images came out so dreamy!  Total perfection.  My husband has skills and Drew and Johanna are naturals.  They exude happiness and fit each other with such ease.  I can't wait to get my hands on them later this summer at the Del with Luxe Events.  I love love love that the beautiful Johanna had her hair and make up trial with Audra Rene right before.  It's so fun to get dolled up before a shoot =)

Detroit engagement with Victoria and Travis

Victoria and I met in an online class Flow With Intention Online.  Shout out to #fwio2018 When she reached out to me looking for a wedding photographer I nearly lost my mind.  I was so stoked to get to meet this high vibe lady and get to share in her wedding day yay!  She and Travis met less than 7 months ago and tomorrow is their wedding day.  I would have married Mike month 4.  So I know what it’s like to have a knowing about someone.  It’s beautiful and these two are beautiful.  They also practiced their first dance during our session.  It was the first time they had danced together.  I can’t believe I was able to capture their first dance.  The air felt electric.  Victoria has an amazing smile that draws you in - in an incredible way but then her face softens when she looks and Travis and I can tell she’s feeling how extraordinary he is and somehow she looks even more beautiful.  Being a portrait photographer is a powerful way to get to know someone.  I can look, I have full permission to observe and watch the play of emotions on their face and know a little bit of what it is for them to love each other.   And to top it off they showed Detroit to me for the first time.  Believe me - Detroit is for photographers!

Engaged Jen and Tyler

It was so fun to meet Jen and Tyler at their engagement session.  It's been fun to get to know these two on the phone and via email but finally I got the real deal.  I loved how fun and supportive they are of each other and how much they value creativity.  They are getting married at Underground Elephant as well.  I'm sure their guests are going to have an epic night.

Wahoo Suzanne

Tara and Jason Equestrian engagement

Tara and Jason won me over on a rainy Sunday in San Juan Capistrano.  I loved meeting their family and getting to walk the property where their wedding will take place.  Donna Urban introduced me to Tara, Jason and Tara's mom and we went to scout the ceremony and reception locations.  I loved taking the backroads on Tara's family property and getting to envision what the big day will be like.  I even got to meet Tara's grandfather.  Although it sprinkled and sometimes downright poured we made the best of it and got some beautiful images.  How cute are their dogs!  I couldn't be more excited to meet the rest of the family, see Tara in her wedding dress, and watch how Donna transforms one of the most lush green spaces into something perfect for Jason and Tara.  xoxo Suzanne

A land and sea engagement session for Laura and Andrew

These two beauties were a lot of fun.  I've spoken to Laura a few times on the phone but it was nice to meet them both in person.  I admired how Laura and Andrew could be both glamorous and free.  Laura had such a clear vision of what she wanted I had a breezy time following her lead.  She had gorgeous outfits picked out and we had chatted about locations and the feeling we were going for.  We started out at Balboa Park one of my personal favorites and then headed over the to beach where Andrew proposed.  The sunset was lovely and the low tide made for some dramatic backgrounds.  It felt very serendipitous all around.

Surfer's engagement session : I heart Morgan and Adam

Oh I love when people want to have fun.  Fun is one of my primary motivations.  Morgan and Adam are entrepreneurs who work hard and live it up in their spare time.  I can so relate.  So I met them at their new place in Del Mar we popped down to the beach and took a few portraits and then went surfing.  The end.  True story.  =)