Rebel Rebel PJ

Hello Wanderers!

This was the first photoshoot I went to with Suzanne. Tariq and I got to experience this shoot first hand. Persephone’s mom is a fashion designer and created this piece just for her.

Never would I have thought that I would see a miniature version of David Bowie, but then I met PJ. Channeling Bowie's 1974 performance of Rebel Rebel on Netherlands TV show TopPop, PJ was dressed in the iconic red overalls, black and white blouse, and of course the famous eye patch. And to finish channeling her inner Ziggy Stardust, PJ’s hair was of course painted that bright orange. Set up behind the iconic blue background that Bowie once stood in front of with a red blow up guitar in hand PJ was ready to groove. We had an amazing time shooting with this little firecracker! Maybe even turn on some Bowie as you scroll through these photos...

Xoxo, Rachel