sa·yo·na·ra 2012

You take the good you take the bad you take them both and then you have….. ok so 2012 will never be my favorite year. It was messy and a little overwhelming. However, some really incredible things happened. I got engaged for one. Holy cow. Mike Ofeldt won my heart on day 1. He took a little more convincing than I did. So when he proposed to me in March it made 2012 epic. A year to remember. I had amazing amazing clients and I was so blessed to witness their weddings. There were moments that I will never forget and I will forever be in awe about. I made a couple of trips. I could fill this post with one thousand photographs and hours worth of rambling and it wouldn’t even get me close to expressing the good times. But since this is the last day of January and I’ve been wanting to do a recap post since 2011 I vow to hit publish even if it isn’t as grand and complete as I could make it if time would stop and let me finish.So here goes, wish me luck, I have a meeting in 47 minutes….ONE MILLION THANK YOUS and Tons of Love, xoxo Suzanne

ok just got back. Here is my celebration!