Mia and Ella

Amanda and Jason are celebrating their new arrival, Ella. Mia, the girlie girl is so happy to have her 7 month baby sister! Being a part of the family, they are the cuttiest girls ever!!! The Hizer family is so loving and so fun! Take a look for yourself!

The first blog! by: whit!

This is my first blog! My name is Whitney and I began working at this amazing company since last June. Meeting Suzanne is a funny story. Anyone who has met Suzanne knows she is an outgoing, fun person, we have alot in common... When my sister got married May 20, 2007 I knew we would be taking alot of pictures, alot. And yes we did. But it was fun! Suzanne and I became instant friends as soon as I got in a big tree with my dress on for one of the pictures.(you'll find the picture below with me in the tree!) I have been working as an aspiring photographer for about two years now, and I get to work with the wonderful Suzanne!! I am having so much fun working with her, I'm sure you can all just imagine how fun it is here in the studio. Sadly, I have to leave this awsome place to go to school. I am going to an art/photography school in New York for four months! I guess it isn't too bad... other than the weather! Although, I will still be working for Suzanne doing retouching and making all the images awesome! :) So, i just wanted to introduce myself, and show you some fun images from one of the best weddings ever (I'm biased). Feel free to e-mail me while I'm in New York! Whit@shewanders.com!Off to the Big Apple,Whit