The $40,900 Question : Ashley Hizer

Ashley is a talented abstract artist living in Atlanta, Georgia. We had the pleasure of photographing her stunning wedding years ago, and her sweet personality is still shining on. When we interviewed, we found out a little bit more about her artwork, what inspires her, and what she would do with $40,900. Check out her website here to view her beautiful work.1. When did you decide you wanted to be a painter?

A: I started making art as a young girl – I’ve naturally always been creating in some form, but I started dabbling in abstract art a few years ago as time allowed, then decided to go full-time the fall of 2013. It’s been one of the most rewarding decisions!

2. What has been inspiring you lately?

A: Life itself inspires me. My husband and marriage, music, surroundings new and familiar (travels, my hometown, San Diego, and where I live, Georgia), architecture, nature, style, other art, the list goes on.

3. What medium do you prefer to do your work in?

A: I mostly work with acrylic paint followed by oils, and just lately I have been adding hints of charcoal, graphite and pastels. I love mixing it up and overlapping textures and colors.

4. Is there a specific color palette that you have been loving lately?

A: I tend to evolve with the seasons, so I’ve been particularly drawn to bright colors and pastel hues. Lots of blues and turquoises, pinks, greens, and peaches.

5. Do you enjoy listening to music or background noise when you work, or do you prefer

the quiet?

A: Music and painting go hand in hand for me. I cannot create without a soundtrack to accompany the process. I’ll often adjust the playlist based on my mood that day, which often impacts my art – lyrics, rhythms, melodies, and all.

6. What do you do to unwind and recharge?

A: I love to go on walks or runs with my husband and Goldendoodle, explore new places, read, listen to music, and eat delicious food.

7. What summer activity have you been enjoying?

A: My husband and I just moved to a neighborhood that has a pool, which I cannot get enough of. I do not know how I survived the humid Georgia summers before!

8. Do you have any advice for aspiring painters who wish to sell their work?

A: I encourage them to go for it, and as cheesy as it sounds, believe in their work, as it takes some time to get the ball rolling. Take advantage of free/almost free sites like Etsy and social media such as Instagram.

9. If you had $40,900 to spend on one trip, where would you go and what would you do?

A: Man, that would be nice! I would definitely get my travel on – namely Italy and Greece, the countries on my bucket list.



4 things...Moonlight

Happy weekend to you all. I hope everyone has had an event filled summer so far. I'm still dreamy from Lauren and I's trip to Washington and Oregon.  I can not wait to share some images of the beautiful sites we walked through.  I feel like I left a little piece of me on Orcas Island.  It's a bit like summer camp.  People's faces soften when you mention the island.  It just has a little magic.  I'm so grateful to Morgan and Erin for making us a part of their wedding week and Serena and Dan for opening up their home to us.  Here is a nostalgic look at two strangers watching the moonlight dance on the water.1. Reading: The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweeden by Jonas Jonasson. Check out a review here. Two great things about this book: It's funny, and it reminds us the impact that just one small person can have on the world.

2. Creating: watercolor in plein air. This past week I got a chance to paint in the beautiful outdoors of Washington National Park.   My painting was no masterpiece but it felt really good to draw upon real life for inspiration.

3. Dreaming: of a date night with Mike. Even though I've had a blast on my trip to the Pacific Northwest, it's nice just to sit on the couch and hold Mike's hand.  I've missed him.

4. Inspired: by a Rad post in an inspiring blog. Wittyrental's recent blog post talked about fashion forward ladies and imagined what their spaces would be like. This post has really sparked something in me that I can't quite verbalize yet but I hope to soon.

Happy Sunday friends,





Claire and Nic : The Lodge at Torrey Pines

“For he would be thinking of loveTill the stars had run awayAnd the shadows eaten the moon.”― W.B. Yeats

I am delighted to share this wedding with all of you.  The ceremony was filled with traditions that warmed the heart and the reception gave all in attendance a glimpse into the love shared between Claire and Nic. I wish the bride and groom the happiest of years to come, thank you for letting me be apart of these cherished moments.



Coordinator: Crown Weddings

Florist: Splendid Sentiments

Photographer: SheWanders

Reception Venue: The Lodge at Torrey Pines

Ceremony Venue: The Immaculata