It has been a week of loving life and wanderlusting for my upcoming adventures. I hope you jump feet first into whatever you have coming up in this next season; traveling, art adventures, career, school, parenthood, marriage and all the other good things in life.

Dreaming of: Spending time on the lake at Keely’s mom’s house in Wisconsin.

Photographing: Yesterday, Mike and I had the most beautiful weddings. It was so fun to tell each other what happened at the end of the night. We are two lucky people to get to share the magic of our client’s wedding days. As always, we are crazy lucky to have the world’s best second shooters!

Loving: Maryanne McGuire and I bodysurfed for two hours in the ocean at sunset in Coronado. It was magical.

Learning: Mike and I started up The Define School this week. It is amazing to be in a class with people who are so similar to me both professionally and personally.

Big hugs,