Britt Scripps Manor Wedding for Jessica and TIm

Jessica and Tim are originals.  They have a world view of figuring out how to design their lives and not just live by default.  Their friends and family obviously love them for it.  I could see it in the laughs, the warm embraces and the general witty remarks and heart felt speeches. 

Here are just a few musings I had on how they stood out.  Bridal party was their friends hanging out.

Their friends sang as they walked down the aisle.  Yup.  It was awesome.  Tim walked in dancing to the tune of Higher Love and suddenly the front row started singing and then turned around and invited everyone.  So Jessica walked herself down the aisle while everyone serenaded her.  Their wedding program says they met on Tinder, that they are in fact already married, and that there is an after party of 80's vs 90's music.

I could go on and on and on but for now here are some images.

With love and definite admiration.  Congrats to Jessica and Tim and their loved ones.