Investing in love & memories

When you think of planning and making decisions for your wedding there’s plenty to think about, and so many of those decisions depend on one thing: your budget. This can be overwhelming , but it’s important to know the things that you should save or splurge on without regret.

A recent survey showed that 22% of newlyweds wish they’d spent more on a photographer on their wedding day. It can seem tempting to cut corners on certain things to make everything fit into the budget that you and your love have set, but photography isn’t one of those things and I’ll tell you why.

You only get one chance

That’s it. Just one. That’s why splurging on a photographer for your big day is one of the best decisions you’ll make, besides saying “I do!” of course. A good photographer will capture your personality, emotions and share your vision in the tender moments on the big day. And that is what makes spending my days behind the lense so special. I love that every event is different because each couple is so individual in their own way.

These last forever

Time flies when you’re having fun, right? I love being able to share the stories of newlyweds because while you’ll be telling stories of your wedding day forever, you’ll truly be able to relive the moments with photographs. The cake gets eaten, the music will stop playing, but you can relive the day vicariously through photos displayed around your home.

You get what you pay for

This might be the most important for why you should splurge. This is our job, not just a hobby. We want to deliver you truly the most amazing work that we can. The shots you didn’t know we got, the frames that were set up perfectly, the smiles, the happy tears, and the sneaky kisses. Online wedding registry sites like Zola even let you put a cash fund for a photography on your registry! That’s a great way to help it fit in your budget.

So when you’re planning your wedding and get to the point of booking a photographer, I hope you see the value in splurging! We get to do what we love through our cameras and in turn get to narrate your wedding day through photos.