In With The New: A Spin on Classic Wedding Traditions

We’ve seen it all before: three-tiered wedding cakes topped with bride and groom figurines, the bride saying “I do” in an all-white gown, and family-style dinners with only the nearest and dearest. Though many traditions stand the test of time, there’s no shame in putting your own spin on them, or taking the road less traveled and trying something entirely new! Here are just a few important pieces of your big day, and ways to spice them up:

1. Food

Everyone loves good food, and modern-day weddings do not disappoint. Although you can’t go wrong with a dinner catered by the wedding venue, as was the case for most traditional weddings, couples are finding new ways to both feed and entertain their guests. What’s more creative than a mashed potato station or a mini taco buffet? Weddings today are all about having fun and incorporating hints that represent your and your soon-to-be spouse’s personalities. Let your guests know they can expect to party all night long with a late-night open espresso bar; this option will cater to guests who don’t drink alcohol, but still want a fun beverage to sip on, and it will also pair well with some mini coffee shop-inspired desserts. The world is your oyster (and maybe even oyster bar), so go ahead and try something new and exciting when it comes to your post-vow meal!

2. Wedding Day Attire

Traditional weddings typically warranted classic black tuxedos and pure white wedding gowns. Today, traditions are beginning to fall to the wayside, and replacing them are more eye-catching color options and fits. For brides, many are opting for more fashion-forward gowns; two-piece looks, as well as blush and champagne-tinted overlays, are popular for a modern take on a dress. If you’re worried about the taboo that comes with wearing a dress that isn’t white, keep in mind that subtle hues can give you the same bridal look without straying too far from something that doesn’t feel like it screams, “the dress.” After all, the day is about you and what makes you most comfortable. As for grooms, considering gray or tan colored suit can be a unique take on the traditional black suit or tuxedo for your big day. Instead of spending hours at a tailor to purchase a tuxedo and get it fitted, think about getting an online suit and tuxedo rental for an accurate fit with none of the hassle.

3. Venue

There’s nothing wrong with having your wedding reception in a country club or banquet hall. In fact, they are often convenient space-wise and for food options. The downside, however, is that they don’t always allow you to fulfill that dream wedding you may envision. Modern-day weddings can happen virtually anywhere. If you’ve always wanted to tie the knot in a vintage library or a zoo, many venues allow a complete experience, from sharing your vows to dancing the night away, for you and your wedding guests. Gone are the days of being limited to the same-old options, the sky’s the limit these days!