Fertility Vacation 2.0 // Finding Headspace

I follow Jess Lively’s podcast and she says she spends much of the day getting into the right flow to do her best work; walking, meditating and other peaceful practices.

I usually get into a decent headspace pretty easily. I love my life, my husband, city, job, friends, and family. I’ve worked hard to design a life I love.

But lately, I can’t get into a good head space to enjoy it or make it work, so I end up just faking it.

I think if I can find a way to enjoy the activities it takes to get me in the right mental space (regardless of how long it takes), I will be much calmer and my day will be brighter.

These podcasts were helpful to me, maybe they will be for you too:

  • Being Boss #139 : Energetic Boundaries. How to put up and maintain boundaries.
  • The Accidental Creative : Aligning your Expectations with Reality.