4 Things...Relaxing Weekend

Happy weekend everyone. San Diego has been experiencing some crazy East Coast weather again this week. Hot and humid seems to be the new norm for SoCal. Fortunately for me, I've been experimenting with underwater photography lately. It's been rad to play with new ideas and come up with shoots that are outside the box. I enjoy treading on the wild side. The photograph below is from one of my recent sessions. These are 4 things that I've been enjoying this week...Watching: Into the Woods a the Old Globe Theatre.  This musical premiered at the Old Globe in 1986 and has returned this August. This play uses classic children stories to weave a story and lead your imagination into a dreamy, mythical world.

Thinking: I've been thinking about the movie we recently saw. It's called Wish I Was Here by Zach Braff. It is a fantastic movie about a 35 year old father who is a struggling actor and still trying to discover himself. I'd highly recommend seeing this movie.

Loving: Potato salad. On Kickstarter, a rad guy named Zack Danger Brown is raising money by selling....potato salad. If you donate $1, he will say your name out loud while making potato salad. What does $2 get you? A photo of him making the potato salad, and he will say your name out loud when making the salad. Now if you feel inclined to donate $20, you receive items such as a potato-salad haiku, your name carved into a potato to be used in the his salad, and an autographed jar of mayonnaise. Best part? Under "Risks and Challenges" he states: It might not be that good, it's my first potato salad."

Dreaming: I've been dreaming about today all week long. Today is Sunday funday at The Pearl with our friends. We are taking a much needed day off in the midst of wedding season and hanging out with great people by the pool. It's time for some relaxation.




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