Darlin' I'll climb any mountain

So a few days ago I was chatting with the ever so handsome Ed, about the road to Hana and their fun times in Maui.  The conversation turned to back pain and I mentioned my inability to scale mountains. Geez I have been wanting to post about curing my sciatica forever. I prefer to suffer in silence and then post the cure once I've found it. It's been a long 18 months or so since I had to give up Bootcamp and start my crazy journey to get better.  So here are some things that helped me along the way in case any of you have photographers shoulder or editors back.

I'm halfway home and bending at the knees to pick things up and leaning on Mike and I'll be able to report super success soon.

But just in case this makes anyone's journey shorter I thought i'd share now.  I spoke with a photographer a year or so ago that quit the industry due to back pain and I felt so sad. I couldn't imagine not being a part of this crazy industry.  She inspired me to not give up. Other things that have made me not want to give up are:  My cousin Amber's sneakers that are perpetually moving in front of me with ease, a mountain on Stromboli, and mikes dedication to getting off the couch.

Here was my arsenal start to finish. General chiropractor Life Within  Love this place.  I have been going for a decade.  Unfortunately it didn't help at all with sciatica. Specialty chiropractor The League Chiropractic  They specialize in only seeing a patient a few times.  This is great and the first two sessions were the most beneficial.  They made a HUGE difference but after that we couldn't progress any further. 2 Physical therapist  Honestly I went for 10 sessions but didn't see a benefit although I'm sure many would.  I think my muscles were too inflamed for it to work. Massage therapist david at Balance Point Massage - great therapist.  He has helped me with a shoulder injury and a psoas injury and cured my TMJ.  Great great place.  Please go and heal photographers shoulder. Although for sciatica again we hit a road block. CorePower Yoga  ommmm...  awesome sense of community.  It is an inspiring place where they have so many classes in sd there is no excuse not to go.  I could still do 70% of the postures but forward fold is definitely the most dangerous and I did pigeon on my back.  I'm really grateful to the dozens of classes I've taken here.  It really helped me to cope with the pain.

And most recently and these two are amazing. The Dailey Method (thanks regan)  Seriously awesome workout that has an orthopedic background.  I really resisted going because I was afraid of injuring myself more.  I wish I went right away.  It is so cool to be able to work out without hurting yourself. Massagetherapysandiego.net Deanne 858-380-7125 (thanks jen morisson)  Once I went here I felt comfortable sharing my plan to success.  Deanne is a sciatic massage specialist.  80% of her clients have the same issue as me.  I am getting better in leaps and bounds.  On fast forward.  This is making a huge difference for me.  Start here.  If you have sciatica go get better.

I hope that soon I am climbing mountains again and that you are too.

Sicily the mountain I didn't climb IMG_3183

IMG_3009My cousin's shoes.

The mountains in Hawaii I couldn't climb. IMG_2978