engagement : Chloe and Grant

Chloe has been planning her wedding since she was about 15 years old. She dreamed that her wedding would be romantic. Her fairy tale wedding came true in her husband's backyard in Coronado with soft colors to add to the feel. She met her prince charming at a weird t-shirt birthday party. Although he at the time had a girlfriend, Chloe fell in love with the guy dressed up in a tuxedo shirt. Chloe's boy's dinosaur pajamas must have made an impression on Grant, because he was at her doorstep roughly three months after they met. Even with distance separating the two love birds (a long distance relationship) their love transcended any obstacle they encountered. Grant proposed to Chloe at Wine Glass Bay, Tazmania, Australia and she of course said yes to his jaw line, his sense of humor and his ability to put up with her worrying (3 things Chloe loves about Grant). This couple who have an extensive squirrel figurine collection and a knack for riding their tandem will sure be having fun and lauging no matter what as long as they are in each other's company!Dos Besos,

Katie from the Wanderers