Hello everybody,My friend Jenny says I should write when I have something to say, not at a scheduled time.  So I am writing this on my iPhone in the goodwill parking lot covered in sweat.Well it finally happened I cried in yoga class.  It was a Corepower Saturday sculpt class in Point Loma.  This blog is turning into a confession space. Being self employed is amazing and impossible at times. Kind of like being in love... I was intimidated by the weights in the Sculpt class and imagined I would end up accidentally knocking myself out. It turns out, I was really great. Who knew? I've been practicing yoga forever but it was bootcamp that really helped me through this one. In shebasana they played a song with lyrics saying something like "we will rise up, you and me" it reminded me that I am strong. Even if I am often a little flustered by juggling so many things at once, I still can swim in my own sweat and accomplish more than I ever thought. It also reminded me of dancing in the kitchen with Mike. I'm not a great dancer and don't love clubs all that much.  But when the mood strikes.   When I hear a song for dancing.  The world goes away and I dance with Mike Ofeldt, even if we are in someone else's kitchen. I'm so grateful for him in those moments. The teacher also read a quote about being grateful for your passions and that she has found she gets further in life when she remembers to be soft and let go. So after sweating like an animal and then barely able to keep a thought at all, we finally lay down and relax in shebasana.   As I was laying on my back, my mind started slowing down and heard her words combined with the songs lyrics. I felt my eyes burning and my tears mingle with my sweat and was surprised I was crying.  They were tears of  gratitude. I'm grateful for all of you.

With love,  Suzanne

PS getting back to the office this week and putting the post together with images has led to some offbeat choices.  I wanted to post this picture of me at the end of a Making Things Happen seminar (despite the fact that I look insane) because I felt a similar since of gratitude and I'm holding up a sign that Says "I am Love".  Mike, Courtney , and I recorded these videos after the seminar that are pretty embarrassing.  If I ever drunk blog, that will be the first post I make.

But since I can't find it you guys get a series of images that may or may not relate to yoga but crack me up.  A little journey from San Diego to Barcelona to Alaska to Norway and back.