Kiss and Tell : Acumen August with Meg

Meg and Ty had a beautiful wedding ceremony at Sea Grove Park in Del Mar and then kept the party going at Estancia in La Jolla.  Inclusive is the word Suzanne used to describe Meg. In fact Suzanne's cheeks hurt at the end of the day from smiling so much. The joint laughter among everyone at the wedding was contageous.The whole day Meg and Ty were uncertain whether they could have their ceremony outside because it was raining. But when it actually came time for the ceremony, it stopped raining and the sun came out shining bright on the couple. Their wedding was orange and green as well as paper elements well before they were in style. They are quite the trend setters. When I asked Suzanne what three words she would use to describe the couple she simply stated "Made to Last!" Here is Meg, sharing her words of wisdom!

Dos Besos, Katie from the Wanderers

1) How did you mentally prepare for the big day?

The year of planning leading up to the big day was all excitement and fun. However, by Friday afternoon, just prior to the rehearsal dinner, I was a little nervous (probably an understatement) that everything was coming up so quickly- our wedding, moving in with my husband in our new apartment, our honeymoon- that I started to panic. I was even nervous that I hadn't packed well for our honeymoon. After a sweet talk with my husband-to-be, a deep breath and a big hug, I was mentally prepared for all the big changes. I had wanted everything to be perfect, and I knew it would be as long as I was able to enjoy it.

2) Did you have any events surrounding the wedding. I.E baseball game, rehearsal dinner, brunch, bachelorette party? Tell us about it.

We did! The Thursday prior to our big day was our "Karaoke Kick Off Jam," which was so much fun. My husband and I shared our first date at the Lamplighter in Mission Hills so it only felt right to work some karaoke at the Lamplighter into our festivities. Luckily, many of our guests are always game for a fun night out! On Friday the fellas in the wedding party and our family had a day of golfing and the ladies had their nails done and tied up loose ends (yep, once a type A personality, always a type A personality) and then it was off to our Mexican themed rehearsal dinner at El Callejon, complete with a mariachi band. So fun!

3) What is something that makes for a great wedding day?

Once the festivities start, put any of the "need to do" list behind you and just have fun! The more you enjoy yourself, the more all of your guests will and you'll have the best day ever!

4) Did you see your spouse for the first time before the ceremony or during the ceremony? How did you feel?

We chose to see each other before the wedding and I loved it! Shewanders set up a special moment that we were able to have all to ourselves. I think it help me avoid too many butterflies and left us plenty of time to have fun with our wedding party and take pictures ahead of time.

5) What is one of your favorite memories?

I have to pick one? That's almost impossible but... I'll say seeing my husband's face when he turned around and saw me for the first time. Each time I see the picture of that moment my heart melts.

6) What song do you most remember on the dance floor?

Our first dance (choreography= terrifying but awesome) of "Kiss to Build A Dream On" by Louis Armstong and our last dance "Wonderwall" covered by Ryan Adams. It was never a favorite before but I love it now!

7) What is a piece of advice you wish you had known before the big day?

The little things that you stress out about leading up to the wedding are the things you never remember when you think back about such a great event. Just enjoy it!

8) Weddings are wonderful, but share some marriage tips please!

Enjoy your time together because it all happens so quickly. It feels like our wedding was just yesterday but it was almost five years ago! Days that we spend together, just the two of us with no plans, are some of my absolute favorites.