4 Things : Ohh Mexico

Photographing : Mike and I captured Jessica and Adrian's wedding at his family's ranch home in Mexico. We photographed Jessica's sister's wedding a few years ago and it was so fun to be among friends. 

Listening to : The podcast, History of Photography. It's so fun to listen in on lectures.

Sightseeing : Around the town center of Tlaquepaque. There have been so many festivals this week; we hit the jackpot. I loved their ceramic museum. 

Dreaming of : Hawaii in a couple weeks with my cousin Amber. I will take a weeks break to celebrate the ending of a wonderful wedding season.

Suzanne and the Wanderers



Inside Out :: My Flaws Are Hilarious To Me

"There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do." - Amy Poehler

I find my flaws so interesting and can often laugh at myself. You know that scene in Juno where Juno is telling Pauly, "You are so cool and you don't even try", and Pauly says, "I try really hard”?I'm that girl. I'm the hand raiser. I'm the one who tries really hard. I'll be day dreaming of ideas, making connections between unrelated concepts and as I grab the four corners of the blanket and the idea takes shape, I trip on a crack in the sidewalk. I crack myself up. 

I love to watch the Big Bang Theory by myself because Sheldon is so hilarious and I seem to laugh longer than anyone else in the room. I'm so much more emotional than he is, but I think a lot of us can relate to his moments of misunderstanding.

My flaws are hilarious to me. Here are 10 of them for your enjoyment:

1)  In Cranium Anniversary Edition, I love ____, but I speak as if I'm giving an autobiography of the person instead of using an accent. I can not speak in accents. Mike is certain I am violating the spirit of the game.

2) It’s been years since I’ve surfed because I jump off the board every time I catch a wave in grand celebration. The last jump I landed on a sting ray.

3) I can often be found packing at midnight before a trip.

4) A couple of years back we flew into Thailand around midnight, arriving in Bangkok at 2am without a hotel reservation. This is not odd for us.

5) I love music and can often sing along to an unusual variety of songs, but it will be off key. I rarely ever know A) who is singing the song and B) the name of the song. Pop culture and I don’t know a lot about each other.

6) I don’t actually know who Kanye West is other than I remember hearing he has a kid that has a direction name. See #5.

7) I’m also very unsure of who the Kardashians are and why they are relevant, but I know one of them has a big butt and tried to ‘break’ the internet.

8) I can ask for directions in three languages; English, Spanish and Italian. This is due to my shockingly bad sense of direction, but great love of travel. Thank you to whomever invented GPS.

9) I can also order dinner, and more importantly, gelato in three languages, but that is solely because I value eating and well, Gelato.

10) I often leave things places, but have the ability to collect the most understanding and amazing people as friends. For example: I went to Target with my mom. When I got home I realized I must have left my phone somewhere. I went into my condo and saw a note on the table next to my phone.

Dear Suzanne,
Stop leaving your things everywhere. I was your last call and I was near Target so I picked it up and dropped it off. Pull it together.
Love you,
Jen Morrison

P.S She has keys to my place for emergencies like this one.




A land and sea engagement session for Laura and Andrew

These two beauties were a lot of fun.  I've spoken to Laura a few times on the phone but it was nice to meet them both in person.  I admired how Laura and Andrew could be both glamorous and free.  Laura had such a clear vision of what she wanted I had a breezy time following her lead.  She had gorgeous outfits picked out and we had chatted about locations and the feeling we were going for.  We started out at Balboa Park one of my personal favorites and then headed over the to beach where Andrew proposed.  The sunset was lovely and the low tide made for some dramatic backgrounds.  It felt very serendipitous all around.

4 Things // Oh Hi

Suzanne : A fun wedding weekend in Ojai with Aubree and Travis at the Ojai Valley Inn.  Their band Impulse was incredible and a good fit for this lively couple.

Mike :  An elegant reception for Diana and Jim to celebrate their recent wedding in Italy with their friends and family.

Brushing our teeth : We had Gaidin a few days this week. There was a lot of guitar playing, going to the park and Gaidin's favorite; brushing his teeth.  Kids are funny.

Watching : Mike and I are still binge-watching The Walking Dead.  How were we so slow on this one?

Working : This week we rented a new stylish work space in Mission Hills.  It's been so fun to be in a different, inspiring environment.

Listening to : Tim Ferriss' podcast.  Week after week Tim is the coolest.  I loved the 4 hour work week and his blog is clever and entertainingas well.

Mike, Suzanne and the Wanderers

Julie and Kurt, Sarloos and Sons, Los Olivios wedding

I'm so excited to share this loving couples images with you.  Julie and Kurt are the most caring hosts.  Every detail of the day was intentional and meant to bring joy and love to their friends and family.  Luxe Events created an inspired event that reflected who Julie and Kurt are as people.  Their imaginative team of creatives took this sea glass color palette and made it their own.  Luxe Events, Brightly Designed, Isari Florals and Archive Rentals came together and made a gorgeous design that felt modern and timeless with a little bit of land and sea in wine country.  

Luxe Events :  Design and Coordination

Brightly Designed :  Paper Amazingness 

Isari Floral :  Floral Design

Archive Rentals :  Rentals