4 things : the wonder of it all

This week definitely felt like 20 things.  So many new and exciting beautiful projects are on the horizon.  But I'm most grateful for my nephews first trip to the waterslides.  My mom and I took him to the wave pool and he smiled non stop for over an hour.  I was a little worried about his cheek muscles, maybe I should have been worried about a sunburn because I also gave him his first.  ouch.  If he could talk, I'm pretty sure he's say it was worth it. 

Also this is Jenna's first week of maternity leave.  It's a wonder if I will survive without her.  

Photographing : Julie and Kurt's wine country wedding weekend in Los Olivios Thanks for the epic weekend friends!

a family shoot Mike and Rehana and baby Z.  I photographed M and R's wedding so many years ago and love following them on facebook and was so happy to find out they were in town and that I could meet their new love.  ps Mike has a new show coming up at the La Jolla Playhouse called Tiger Style - he wrote it.  

an early morning Engagement session in the cactus garden with Jenni and Matt.  I'm excited for their upcoming wedding in a couple of weeks at Estancia.


Hosting: Epic party with Cynthia and Aly at the Gold Leaf Project.  Aly and I were having coffee and decided we should collaborate and do something that would be incredibly fun and just went from there.  Who doesn't love a party with amazing cocktails, tacos, and smokebombs.


Watching  Mike and I decompressed with these two beauties this weekend.  Pure pleasure.  Netflix : Tallulla  and Finding Vivian Maier  


Old Globe Sense and Sensibility The musical  Sadly not my favorite production from the Old Globe.  Honestly we love nearly everything they do.  Something about Sense and Sensibility as a musical just didn't ring true. 


Still Dreaming of : so many little steps toward our living room remodel.  Eek I wish I could click my heels.  Voila. 

4 Things // Broadway & Life

Watching : Beautiful, the Carol King Musical, at Broadway San Diego with Jen Boyd #artdatewithjen. This was my favorite show of the season.  I had no idea what a prolific songwriter Carol King is. The show was an incredible behind the scenes look at songwriting in New York and her personal story.  For people who don't like musicals, this one was particularly interesting since the actors only sang when they were performing a song in the show.  They never sang when dialog would have been a more obvious choice.  I found that to be really interesting.

Photographing : Julie and Kurt's Pacific Beach engagement session.  We hung around the beach that they live by, and captured some laid back casual shots of their everyday life.

Hanging out with : I had drinks at Panama 66 with Jesse and Jen from Huntress Florals this week.  It was fun to go over the images from our latest shoot and get to know these ladies better.

Dreaming of : Our living room remodel is going a lot slower than I imagined.  Molasses in fact.

Suzanne and the Wanderers