The Prado An old world wedding for Eulia & Jimmy

Eulia and Jimmy are such a fun couple. Although the day looked like a gorgeous old-world wedding it felt like the most fun ever. My cheeks hurt at the end of the night from smiling. Love looks like a whole lot of fun for these two. Make sure and check out the cocktail hour at the wishing well and the champagne tower. I loved this design.

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The team:

Coordination & Design: First Comes Love
Photography: She Wanders Photography
Ceremony: Balboa Park Patio A
Reception: Prado at Balboa Park
Florals: Organic Elements
Rentals: Classic Party RentalsBBJ Linens, & La Tavola
Cupcakes: Heavenly Cupcakes
Paper Elements: Whimsique
Hair & Makeup: Three Ways Beautiful
Photo Booth: The Foto Box

A Winter Wedding With Basic Invite

Winter weddings are completely underrated, right?! Spring, summer, and even fall are full of wedding after wedding and yes, the blooming buds, warm weather, and the changing colors of autumn all provide ideal backdrops for weddings as opposed to the chillier atmosphere that winter brings. But if couples and their loved ones are able to get out and face the cold – a winter wedding can be magical!

During the brunt of wedding season a lot of the styles and themes can blend, but during the months where holiday parties and cozy nights in are more prevalent a winter themed wedding will be an event to remember and there are a few different ways to pull this off flawlessly.

We’ve teamed up with the stationery experts over at Basic Invite to come up with a few festive winter wedding themes that all include top notch winter wedding invitations ideas.

Silver Bells

When winter comes and the snow starts to fall there is something extra special about the way the lights glisten. Using that visual as the basis of your wedding theme will yield spectacular results. Choose gold and silver accent colors throughout your entire process. Start with gold or silver foil save the dates and wedding invitations and carry that classy and traditional wedding and holiday inspired glam all the way down the aisle.

Drape your tables with shiny runners and cover them with delicate candlelight. Keep your décor simple and romantic letting the touches of glistening light and the love that’s in the air stand on its own. Champagne and decadent desserts are a must!

Classic Holiday

A themed wedding is another way to get your guests excited to get dressed up and celebrate your love. Who doesn’t love a good holiday party? Incorporate traditional Christmas colors and ornaments into your décor. Plaid, holly, and pine accents are all staples of this theme.

Kick your classic holiday inspired wedding off with fun, festive invitations that will keep your guests in the festive spirit and have them talking about the individuality your holiday inspired nuptials will bring. Be sure to keep the playlist filled with everyone’s favorite Christmas classics.

Blue Christmas

Think the brightest whites accented with silvers and blues. An iced out vibe will keep your wedding fresh and will definitely stand out from any other wedding your guests attended this year. A snowflake detail or swirly illustration featured on your wedding invitations are both the perfect fit for a white and blue winter wedding.

Have you ever been to a wedding where the overhead lighting at the reception is colorful and even the centerpieces seem to be lit up? Choose a venue where you can include a blue sheen over the dance floor or tables and brighten everything up with white and icy blue accents.

Winter weddings can be a fancy affair and the perfect excuse for everyone to get out of the house and beat those winter blues. Stand out on your special day with a winder wedding to remember.

In With The New: A Spin on Classic Wedding Traditions

We’ve seen it all before: three-tiered wedding cakes topped with bride and groom figurines, the bride saying “I do” in an all-white gown, and family-style dinners with only the nearest and dearest. Though many traditions stand the test of time, there’s no shame in putting your own spin on them, or taking the road less traveled and trying something entirely new! Here are just a few important pieces of your big day, and ways to spice them up:

1. Food

Everyone loves good food, and modern-day weddings do not disappoint. Although you can’t go wrong with a dinner catered by the wedding venue, as was the case for most traditional weddings, couples are finding new ways to both feed and entertain their guests. What’s more creative than a mashed potato station or a mini taco buffet? Weddings today are all about having fun and incorporating hints that represent your and your soon-to-be spouse’s personalities. Let your guests know they can expect to party all night long with a late-night open espresso bar; this option will cater to guests who don’t drink alcohol, but still want a fun beverage to sip on, and it will also pair well with some mini coffee shop-inspired desserts. The world is your oyster (and maybe even oyster bar), so go ahead and try something new and exciting when it comes to your post-vow meal!

2. Wedding Day Attire

Traditional weddings typically warranted classic black tuxedos and pure white wedding gowns. Today, traditions are beginning to fall to the wayside, and replacing them are more eye-catching color options and fits. For brides, many are opting for more fashion-forward gowns; two-piece looks, as well as blush and champagne-tinted overlays, are popular for a modern take on a dress. If you’re worried about the taboo that comes with wearing a dress that isn’t white, keep in mind that subtle hues can give you the same bridal look without straying too far from something that doesn’t feel like it screams, “the dress.” After all, the day is about you and what makes you most comfortable. As for grooms, considering gray or tan colored suit can be a unique take on the traditional black suit or tuxedo for your big day. Instead of spending hours at a tailor to purchase a tuxedo and get it fitted, think about getting an online suit and tuxedo rental for an accurate fit with none of the hassle.

3. Venue

There’s nothing wrong with having your wedding reception in a country club or banquet hall. In fact, they are often convenient space-wise and for food options. The downside, however, is that they don’t always allow you to fulfill that dream wedding you may envision. Modern-day weddings can happen virtually anywhere. If you’ve always wanted to tie the knot in a vintage library or a zoo, many venues allow a complete experience, from sharing your vows to dancing the night away, for you and your wedding guests. Gone are the days of being limited to the same-old options, the sky’s the limit these days!

Rebel Rebel PJ

Hello Wanderers!

This was the first photoshoot I went to with Suzanne. Tariq and I got to experience this shoot first hand. Persephone’s mom is a fashion designer and created this piece just for her.

Never would I have thought that I would see a miniature version of David Bowie, but then I met PJ. Channeling Bowie's 1974 performance of Rebel Rebel on Netherlands TV show TopPop, PJ was dressed in the iconic red overalls, black and white blouse, and of course the famous eye patch. And to finish channeling her inner Ziggy Stardust, PJ’s hair was of course painted that bright orange. Set up behind the iconic blue background that Bowie once stood in front of with a red blow up guitar in hand PJ was ready to groove. We had an amazing time shooting with this little firecracker! Maybe even turn on some Bowie as you scroll through these photos...

Xoxo, Rachel

Life at La Bellota

Hi there! Shewanders intern Rachel back here again. As fellow intern Claudia and I looked through photos from an artist retreat at La Bellota Ranch in Baja California, Mexico we fell in love with the way the ranch looked from the simple old architecture to the way the horses blended in with the mountainsides, we nearly felt like we were there. Together we curated photos that spoke to us in a storytelling way about the ranch and all it has to offer.

From what may have seemed like feudal beginnings in the mid 2000s, a couple created a escape nestled in what seems like the middle of nothingness in Baja. When the timing was right and the dream worthy property was on the market, they bought an old abandoned cattle ranch with their hearts in mind. La Bellota was created with intentions to be an oasis for travelers and artists alike to escape and create.

The owners wanted visitors to step onto their property and be overcome with a sense of solitude and intense comfort; just like they were home. The ranch was made to create a great escape in the backcountry of picturesque Baja on those roads less traveled. This ranch fosters a sense of why loneliness and a labor of love are necessary parts to the neverending equation of life.

The surrounding brush filled rolling hills make desert its own western-esque retreat. It is special as a visitor to know you are entering a space that is an absolute dream for the owners. a true humble abode started from humble souls of two humans deep in love.

Like I said before, part of the magic of La Bellota is that it can be used as an artist retreat for groups of hungry photographers, painters, writers and every other form of art. This collection of photos came from a retreat of local women photographers from San Diego. While there, the women were able to play with the canvass of life the ranch had to offer ranging from the cowboys to their horses to the nature and surroundings of being isolated in the mountains of Mexico.

These photos were the ones that Claudia and I felt best exposed and represented the ranch as a retreat to creatives.   Suzanne says she can’t wait to go back. The next retreat is November 1-4th reach out to @eileenmandellphotography on Instagram for more information!


The Wanderers Rachel and Claudia

The Cowboys of Baja

Hi there! Shewanders intern Rachel here.

Claudia, another Shewanders intern, and I were asked by Suzanne to look through photographs she had taken on an artist retreat to La Bellota Ranch in Baja California, Mexico. Claudia and I scrolled and scrolled through these images and curated a story based on what stood out to us the most; for this blog post we gathered our favorite shots of the Cowboys that work on La Bellota Ranch. This was our first task as interns and a time where her and I learned how to work together and how we individually interpret art. I had a strange and detached fascination with that old Western lifestyle so going through these photos was not only fun but incredibly intriguing. I picked up the album Light Up Gold by Parquet Courts a few months back at a record store in Portland and since my car lacks an aux cord and FM transmitters aren’t fun to use I have been listening to this CD non stop. Currently I am counting down the days until I get sick and tired of hearing it, but I don’t think that day is coming anytime soon.

And so we begin, Claudia spearheaded the Instagram posts, I wrote this blog, and together we curated the images.

The artwork to Parquet Courts Light Up Gold album pictures a cowboy riding a bull that’s kicking up its back legs. Under the photo captions “‘Plain dressed, wilted and wired’ Former Dutch Village 1978”.This albums contents come from the western roots of America and these photos from La Bellota Ranch in Baja made me think of nothing but the way this album makes me feel. Lyrically Light Up Gold is not relevant to Baja, but if you just listen to the strums of the guitar and the base lines mixed with the hollow sound of the lead singers voice you’ll feel the dance between the music and the photos. And even if this album isn’t fully related to the western ranch life or America, it is the only thing I can feel when I listen. I like to imagine myself driving in an old blue rusted car with those ripped up canvas seats that are lined with peeling leather. I can see miles and miles of dead grass with hills lining the horizon, it's so dry I can smell the dirt and it’s so quiet I can hear the flies. I’m by myself and im going nowhere, but I am blaring this album through my old stereo.

So I suggest you throw the album on, specifically listen to N. Dakota, track 9, and look through these photos and play the game of connecting unknown music to a still frame of the unknown in someone else's life.

*** At first the thought of writing about images of places or events I was not physically apart of made my head swirl and I lost all confidence that I would have the ability to write anything but a few sentences. However after much thought, and listening, I realized that in the beginning of this task this album was the only thing coming to the forefront of my head. Once I let myself embrace that thought the rest followed and this blog post was born.


The Wanderers: Rachel and Claudia

Meet the New Interns

When the Shewanders interns and Suzanne come together we go on art dates to nearby coffee houses. Today was different though as we ventured into Lakeside, a town filled with old homes and businesses that look like they haven’t been changed since the 1960’s. Today felt crazy and different, that good kind of crazy, where we couldn’t gather our thoughts clearly because we were all sprinting out new ideas.

Here are our compiled thoughts on what happened today, October 2nd.

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Homes can be too sacred and surprisingly we find public spaces is where we find comfort in being the most truthful. And what about a car? The one that is moving us from Suzanne’s home to Lakeside, an overlooked town seemingly buried into East County of San Diego. This old moving Subaru, a place where we pile up our ideas and displace them onto each other. Our safe space is a coffee house. People walking in and out, maybe some are listening to our conversation or are too interested in their own. We don’t care we are in our own bubble.

Claudia takes us to a cafe disguised as a barn. Filled with coffee, tea, and antique vendors. We get something to drink and head out to the isolated garden area filled with chairs and tables but no people except us.

Before we met with Claudia we discussed storytelling in photos. When we sat down with her she shared her idea of telling a story of narcissism and we talked about the potentials of how we could photograph that word. This is how we started our complex conversation on the dissection of narcism. How do we interpret such a negative words, some find it good others like me can find it evil. It seems like we can’t fully agree on what it might mean.

So we shift  to something new, pulling art oracle cards. They have artists on them and short descriptions of who they are as people and the art they made. First Rachel pulled Andy Warhol, Tariq then pulled William Blake, Claudia pulled Gustave Courbet, and last Suzanne pulled Tracey Emin. All these artists had wild descriptions that are seemingly un-normal-human like but we all found a way to emotionally relate to them. The Gustave Corbett card says “fight the power, paint the powerless” we are not powerless but we found a way to relate to his words because we believe we are strong and together we paint a beautiful picture. This turned us to positive affirmations which typically sound cheesy and fake to the ear but are truthful and raw to your soul. There is a way we can find connection in things seemingly unrelated to ourselves and there is that skill and power in all people to dig deeper to related to the unrelated.

Being genuine also became a topic of discussion, Tariq is personally attracted to people with “true to self” personalities. Within the confines of the coffee shop we get to experience the real depths of eachothers thoughts. We all understand the beauty of being genuine because we experienced it together, a constant flow of thoughts and conversations unbound by the need to impress. There is no simple definition of a family however what we bring to the table constitutes the attributes of people who care for each others opinions and standpoint. In a way this makes us a family.

We are the new interns, and we are excited to share this journey with you, expect to see more of us!


The Wanderers: Claudia, Rachel, and Tariq

These images are by Claudia her Instagram is: @claudiasmiles13

These images are by Tariq his Instagram is: @itstariqjohnson

Can you feel it?

Hi my name is Rachel and I am a new intern for Shewanders! I am extremely excited to be able to write for the Shewanders blog and share my love of photography through written words.

It is common for me to feel a great wave of emotions while I look through photographs, but rarely do I cry. Looking through Drew and Johannas photographs moved me to tears as I don’t think I have ever felt so much love and connection through a photograph. Maybe weddings just make me emotional, but there is truly a incredible uniqueness to these people and their families that pulled hard on my heartstrings.

My initial instinct while looking through these photos was to try and understand the greatness of the connection seen throughout everyone at this wedding. As I scrolled through the thousands of photographs I was greeted by visual connections so strong I could physically feel them.

I hope these images evoke that same feeling of connection that I was able to feel so strongly through a screen.

xoxo Rachel

Photoshot with Lucy

Hello :)

It’s me again, Lea.

My time at She Wanders has been wonderful so far. My personal highlight was a photoshoot Suzanne initiated just for me, so I could learn how she directs models. This was something I really wanted to learn, naturally I was thrilled when Suzanne announced that we were going to do a photoshoot at Balboa Park and I would get to choose the model.

We met in the afternoon at Balboa Park with my friend Lucie and then wandered off to different spots to catch the golden hour light. It was amazing to see how Suzanne was able to read the light in a matter of seconds and could quickly decide which location would make for a great photo. While doing that and in the whole process of shooting she communicated with Lucie to get to know her and build a connection. The most important advice that I took away from Suzanne’s directing was that it is important to get a sense for the person in front of the camera. This way you can find the balance of directing and granting freedoms to allow room to capture the essence of the person.

It is incredible to realize how much multitasking a photoshoot requires. You have to read the light, find an interesting composition, set your camera and direct the model, all at the same time. A lot of this is practice, and this shoot motivated me to practice a lot more. It was magical to see the how Suzanne does all of that with an unmatched lightness, positivity and empathy for the model.

This amazing opportunity has sparked a new joy in taking photos of people and has inspired me to keep working on all my insecurities to become a better photographer.

These are my favorite photos I took of Lucy.


A Brigatine Wedding for Rose and Matt

These two.  Wow.  Rose and Matt took their time getting to their wedding day.  Life just kept bringing them back to each other.  I loved that I was able to witness Matt watching Rose walk down the aisle.  It was a long epic walk full of beauty.  These two are consummate hosts, it was beautiful to watch how much they loved every person that stood with them by the sea in Del Mar.  The getting ready room was full of laughter and long time friendship.  I loved watching everything unfold.  I could spend every Saturday with this crew.  Everything was beautiful the decor and the love that was everywhere.  Friends, it was amazing. 

xoxo Suzanne

design and coodrination : Before I Do Events floral : Isari Floral