The $40,900 Question : Jen-Cake

Jen and Kimberly are the owners of Cake, a bakery located in Mission Hills, San Diego. Their talent and fun personalities are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this bakery. They take a vision and skillfully sculpt it into a reality. Read on to find out a little more about Jen.1. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Creating custom designs for clients that are so into it. I like the personal collaboration aspect of it all.

2. What got you started in the baking business?

I was a chef in San Francisco for 10 years and decided to bake bread for awhile. The bakery Also made wedding cakes.  I ended up falling in love with them... They are one big giant pastry.  3. Most surprising client request?

We were asked to make a 7 tiered wedding cake with over 1,500 flowers and jewels-it was over the top. 4.  A piece of advice for somebody going into the baking business?

Really know your craft. Work in a bakery first to hone in on your skills and go from there. 5. Color pallets that you are loving lately?

Metallic and blacks are popping up everywhere this summer. I'm into it. 6. What makes CAKE so wonderful?

We are authentic. We have a happy animals menu along with a vegan and organic menu. We are also able to make designs in white chocolate.  What that means is no fondant.  We design the whole cake with delicious ingredients.  It makes a really big difference. Your mouth will thank you. 7. What do you do to recharge?

Have a glass of Jameson and a nice dinner. 8. Three things you can’t live without?

Analise, Abram, and Dave.  My two children and my husband. 9. If you had $40,900 to spend on one trip, where would you go and what would you do? I would go on a rad trip and send anonymous envelopes of money to people.  I would pay for people's tickets into Disneyland, like "I got your ticket today, I got your ticket today, I got your ticket today." If I had that much money, I would impact as many lives as I could. It would be so amazing.



The $40,900 Question : Michele from Before I Do Events

One of the many wonderful things about our job is that we get to work with such rad vendors. We interviewed Michele from Before I Do Events, and we got a little insight on what brides should be thinking about but often don't, where Michele draws her inspiration from, and much more. Read on to hear about what has been going on with the lovely Michele lately.1. What are one thing brides do not think about but should?

M: Tip the "little people". We always ask brides to leave us a handful of $5's and $10's so that we can give them out to the rental guys and the people setting up. They work so hard and appreciate the gesture and often work so much harder for you after receiving it!

2. Design style you're currently loving?

M: Romantic, organic, chic-I love the look of spilling bougainvillea from pots or urns. Warm but bright colors. It gives me a deep romantic feel and has a carelessness about it. I love all things organic but I am a wanna-be hippy, so I have to glam it up a bit. That is where the chic part comes into play.

3. Most rewarding part of your job?

M: The end of the night! The look on a brides face is nothing but one of pure joy! I honestly love seeing them partake in one of the best days of their lives.

4. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

M: To be honest, I am boycotting Pinterest. I feel like it does the opposite of inspire. It clogs my brain and totally overwhelms me. If I am overwhelmed, then everything is forced and nothing really comes to fruition. I like to sketch things out. I am not the best drawer, but from a sketch I then have it in my head and can explain the vision. I often am inspired by clothing...the colors, textures, and patterns in them.

5. Three things that make you smile?

M: My kids being crazy and wild (not in a naughty way), a good dinner party, any form of travel or adventure.

6. What do you do to recharge?

M: Some form of a workout (usually spin or volleyball), followed by a massage and then a fully planned out long day at the beach. Food, drinks, the right gear and no kids!

7. Something people don't know about you?

M: I always get confused about the past...I remember things the way I wished it would have happened and always get made fun of because my stories are way off. They often say I live in "lala land", but my version of life is way better that way.

8.  If you had $40,900 to spend on one trip, where would you go and what would you do?

M: This is easy...there are two trips on the wish list right now and one of them does not cost a ton but the other does. With the family we would: do a week on a boat sailing the coast of Croatia, then we would spend a week following the Tour de France while they travel thru the French/Italian alps. Then we would rent a house on the Amalfi Coast in Italy and invite a group of friends to come and join us.

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